About Us

We are an online ethical store offering a wide range of original fashion and accessories in beautiful African tribal prints and other African-inspired touches, sourced from brands, social enterprises and artisans from all over Africa.

The unique range of products includes stylish women’s African tribal prints in dresses and separates and also beautiful, unique accessories. Whether you're building a new wardrobe or adding to your existing collection with accent pieces, our African fashion collection will complement your individual style as well as making a bold statement.

Our latest collection features everyday African fashion that's inspired by the diverse artistic and design influences found all over the continent, injected with a dose of modern creativity.

For many of the African fashion products sold by us, the fabrics and materials are locally-sourced, recycled, environmentally sustainable or even organic. They are made by staff who are paid and treated fairly. We only trade with labels that embody ethical and responsible principles and fair employment. 

Explore the online store and see for yourself the gorgeous selection of African fashion clothing and home décor available. You will be shopping knowing that you are supporting talented designers who have created quality products that you are sure to enjoy for years to come. Sapelle makes it easy for you to find beautiful and sustainable pieces of African print clothing and home décor.

At Sapelle, we're passionate about doing business the right way, which means giving you excellent service and high quality products, and being an ethically and socially responsible retailer
Founder & CEO, Sapelle