Our Principles


Sapelle is passionate about doing business the responsible way so that, everyone in the supply chain benefits, from our shoppers who will enjoy their purchase to our entire supply chain who get a fair wage for their skills.

So our mission is to bring together the best African inspired products made in a fair and ethical way onto one platform. Among the products we stock, there is locally-sourced fabric, organic and up-cycled cotton, recycled materials of all kinds, sustainable natural raw materials made into high quality aesthetically beautiful designs - and not a sweat shop in sight! 

No-one should buy a product simply to be charitable. Shopping should be about acquiring something you love, something you will enjoy, something that has been crafted with pride - the ethical angle should be incidental, a given. That is the standard we strive for every time we source products for our online boutique, and we hope you will agree with us. 

So that's where our Fair & Beautiful motto come from.

Visit our African Brands section to find out more about the principles and practices adopted by our partners and suppliers in producing the beautiful things you find here at Sapelle.com