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    Boutique Fashion News — craft central

    Must-see Exhibition: TARTAN – Its Journey Through the African Diaspora

      Which came first – the Shuka or Tartan? This is a question I’ve asked enthusiasts of the red woven tartan-like shuka fabric that’s very closely associated with the regal Maasai warriors, and is therefore commonly called ‘Maasai fabric’. Most people I’ve spoken to about this have declared that the shuka fabric developed independently, and was in no way influenced by tartan introduced by Scottish missionaries like David Livingstone who made their way down the Rift Valley spreading Christianity. This was a question I was curious to finally resolve when I visited Clerkenwell’s Craft Central art gallery and the exhibition organised by the Costume Institute of the African Diaspora entitled, ‘TARTAN – Its Journey Through the African Diaspora’, which is running until this Sunday 30th August. CIAD is a UK-based resource hub for anyone interested in the garments, accessories, textiles and..

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    Pop Up Boutique Extended to 4 August!

    Pop Up Home Slide v3

    Sapellé’s Pop Up Boutique will extend until Sunday 4th August, giving new shoppers and existing customers a little longer to come and experience the range within a boutique setting.

    Craft Central have agreed for us to use their beautiful space for another week and we’re thrilled because we’re having a great time meeting new and existing customers and presenting something not seen on the high street. The response has been overwhelmingly positive; we’ve already learned a lot about what the Sapellé woman looks for in a stylish quality garment, accessory or décor piece.

    And there isn’t one thing – your tastes and preferences are wide and varied. But if there’s one thing that’s common, it’s that you love the vibrance and the uniqueness of the prints, the relevance and currency of the cuts so that you can wear our pieces comfortably to work and look great.

    And the learning experience continues into next week!

    So if you haven’t already come to see us, please do. We’d love to chat, hear more about you and answer any questions you’ve got.

    Note: The Pop Up Boutique will be closed on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 July, re-opening at 11am on Wednesday 31 July. We’re open until 6:30 pm daily except Sundays.