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    Boutique Fashion News — inspiration

    Heritage Meets Street Art in our Latest Shoot

    We’re quite enjoying our new residency at The Artworks, London’s new hub for unique creative independent brands. One of the best things about it is being able to collaborate with the like-minded people we share the space with. And so it was that we collaborated with A. Dee, a well-respected contemporary artist who’s now based at The Artworks, to create the backdrops for our Winter shoot. The challenge was not only to create backdrops inspired by the textiles and pieces being modeled, but to do so in a modern street art fashion, spontaneously – on the spot – as the shoot happened. No pressure. The renaissance of African textiles is continuing apace, and it’s great to see it featured in collection after collection on the fashion week runways, popular high street store and being donned by celebrity style leaders like..

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    The True Meaning of Speaking at JP Morgan

    On Monday 14th July, I’ll be sharing my journey of moving  from business models as a Banking Director to models of a different kind as a Fashion Entrepreneur with invited guests and staff at JP Morgan’s headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. Sapelle will also be showcasing the current range on the catwalk with JP Morgan’s own staff acting as models. This is under the auspices of JPM’s Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD) Business Resource Group. JPM’s BOLD provides employees, particularly those of African descent, with an empowering environment that helps to foster their professional and personal development and simultaneously support the firm’s business goals and initiatives. In a way, I’ll be coming back full circle, having left The City in late 2012 to pursue the growth of Sapelle. And now I’ll be sitting in front of my former industry peers, the..

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