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    Look of the Day: Easy Like Sunday Morning


    It’s great to be able to feel relaxed while still looking fantastic, and this look does just that.

    Get the look from

    • 100% linen embroidered caftan tunic, made in Ghana, from ethical label Miss Dee
    • Black drop earrings, made in Kenya for ethical label Made
    • Stacked beaded recycled paper necklace from Ugandan social enterprise, Nakate Project
    • Stunning bag made from authentic hand-woven mudcloth fabric, made in Mali and Ghana, from ethical label Ayikai Couture – a definite investment piece.

    Sapellé Style Notebook No.1

    Style Notebook no.1 v4


    We’re super excited to bring you the first of  a regular style feature from our current collection – the Sapellé Style Notebook! It’s been a long time coming, but our first edition is finally here.

    The Notebook is all about showcasing and bringing together the different (yet complimentary) aesthetics from our designers and artisans, who come from pretty much every corner of Africa (and we’re making strides to fill in the gaps!). So our first edition celebrates the arrival, after months of waiting, of our Tuareg collection. Mouhamed, the leader of the family cooperative that supplies our Tuareg pieces, had various hurdles he had to overcome from the time we placed our order in early 2013. But it’s finally here.

    So we thought we’d open our Style Notebook using inspiration from the elegant white robes and stunning silver tribal jewellery of the people of southern Sahara. We’re in love with this embroidered white linen caftan from Ghanaian label Miss Dee, paired with an elegant printed waistcoat from Mozambiquan label, Taibo Bacar and (for the day) a sophisticated raffia bag from Madagascar. And of course, topped off with a stunning set of Tuareg silver jewellery – the blue agate pendant being our favourite.

    You can shop the look here.