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    Sapelle Collaborates in Christmas PopUp

    B.Creative Xmas Pop Up Flyer AWe love to get out there and present our Christmas gift options, so when we were invited to join a cooperative of like-minded unique independent brands with a Christmas Shopping Pop Up in the lovely, cosy, luscious Hanbury Hall in the heart of London’s Spitalfields/Brick Lane area…we said yes! And so B. Creatives promises to be one of the best unique gift-shopping events in London.

    From 11am until 8pm on Saturday 9th December, 12 specially curated upcoming brands selling natural cosmetics and skincare, vintage and contemporary African-inspired fashion, ethical jewellery, colour-toned hosiery and unique stationery and stocking fillers will host you with drinks, nibbles, music and crafts at Hanbury Hall.

    Mark your diaries: 11am to 8pm, SAturday 9th December, 2017. Spread the word and bring the whole family for a day of rewarding gift-shopping.

    Follow the event on Instagram, Facebook and Eventbrite.

    Things To Do in Lagos

    What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Lagos’? Be honest. Whatever it was you thought, most of us can thank the popular media for constantly feeding us some pretty negative images and narratives of corruption, war, famine and general doom and gloom. Frustratingly, in spite of things across most of Africa moving in a positive direction politically, economicall and socially , the popular rhetoric hasn’t changed much. And never more so than for Nigeria and particularly Lagos, the country’s largest city and the second-fastest growing city in Africa. But there’s a LOT more than is generally reported and certainly more than meets the eye in this bustling, vibrant metropolis with a population of over 16 million, as our blogger Mariam Bashorun can confirm. Mariam has just returned from Lagos where she went on..

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    Letter from Portobello Road

    The fact that I’m writing this blog post over a month after taking over the lease on our new shop at 7 Portobello Green, 281 Portobello Road, London is proof of just how hectic life has been in Sapelleland. As I write this post, the aromas and sounds of Notting Hill are drifting into the shop, and the sights of the world-renowned Portobello Market are just a few metres away – Sapelle fits right in. My objective was to move Sapelle into our new shop before the Summer. As fate would have it, June 3rd was the day we were to move in, 3 years almost to the day since I ‘soft launched’ the online shop as one of a handful of retailers bringing contemporary African fashion products to a global marketplace. I was still employed then (as opposed..

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