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    Sapelle was established in 2012 by Daphne Kasambala who loved the fact that runways around the world were featuring African inspiration, but wanted to see more authentically-made contemporary African products on the global fashion scene. 

    Sapelle products are designed for the stylish woman seeking every-day wear that fuses modern silhouettes with a touch of the exotic. The fabrics selected have a distinctive African theme, and the styles are modern and adaptable. The result: cool, stylish wardrobe essentials that are both unique and relevant.

    As a champion of ethical business, Sapelle sources its products responsibly and only works with suppliers paying fair prices and wages for goods and services, and with those that respect their craft, their employees, the environment in everything they do.

    Our current own-label collection features Dutch Wax - the fabric of choice in many aspects of African fashion, but at Sapelle we are totally in love with African textiles of many kinds - and there are many! So we aim to work in collaboration with designers from different parts of Africa to create unique contemporary garments that incorporate these textiles. Watch this space!

    HAND-DYED Chiffon Adire Dress £120.00 GBP £50.00 GBP
    HAND-DYED Viscose Shirt Dress £110.00 GBP £50.00 GBP
    HAND-DYED Chiffon Adire Top £60.00 GBP £30.00 GBP
    Shweshwe Toiletry Bag £20.00 GBP £10.00 GBP
    Shell, Glass & Camel Bracelet £22.00 GBP £5.00 GBP
    Burgundy Linen Shift Dress £35.00 GBP £12.00 GBP
    Hand-carved Wooden Abstract Elephant From £20.00 GBP £9.00 GBP