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    Sapelle x ADIRE

    This summer, our fashion collection Sapelle x ADIRE celebrates the ancient resist- and tie-dyeing technique of Adire. Dating back to the 11th century, original Adire was made using starch and wax, with pigment from the indigo tree, rendering beautiful, regal shades of blue. Today, using the same ancient techniques, modern dyes are used to create a variety of colours.

    The Sapelle x ADIRE collection not only features the traditional blues, but also draws inspiration from the sights, sounds and smells of Abeokuta, Western Nigerian (the capital of Adire production), the Yoruba people and Nigeria itself.

    Think rich vibrant colours from the marketplace, sky blues and pastels viewed from the historic Olumo Rock vantage point. 

    We teamed up with the best Adire production workshop in Abeokuta, working ethically with local artisans who have inherited this craft. Our combined ambition is to see this precious heritage textile endure, spread and grow around the world.

    We've incorporated other African textiles: Aso Oke (hand-woven textile) and Ankara Wax prints - all creating a collection we're thrilled with. We hope you love it as much as we do!

    HAND-DYED Cotton ADIRE Scarf £25.00 GBP £8.00 GBP
    HAND-DYED Cotton ADIRE Scarf £25.00 GBP £8.00 GBP