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Sapelle is a London based lifestyle brand offering beautifully designed contemporary fashion, gift and home decor products for design lovers with a discerning eye. We offer a fusion of global style inspired by Africa and ethically made by skilled artisans and designers from around Africa and Europe. We handpick and create the best products from around the World.

When you shop with us, you are partaking in this global fusion, this worldliness, and you’re making a style statement. We’re bringing the distinctive global fusion aesthetic to the world by offering beautiful high quality products for your home and wardrobe.

 Since our launch with an online store in 2012 by Daphne Kasambala, we’ve grown to include brands offering fashion, gift and home products to customers around the world. In April 2016, Nilare the gifts and home décor brand and Toghal, the textiles and furnishings brand joined Sapelle, the fashion brand to create “Sapelle Group Limited”, an omni-channel lifestyle brand offering the very best of African-inspired design.

We work with artisans, designers, social enterprises and fashion brands who share our passion to offer customers the very best of African-inspired design.

Expresses your Individual Style

If you’ve looked in the usual places for something special: a product that expresses your individual style, look no further than SAPELLE for an alternative source of beautiful treats. Shop with us and own an exquisite piece of Africa to reflect your own personal statement. Whether it’s the ornamental or the functional, discover a range of products that touch on diverse African artistry and culture when you shop SAPELLE.

Whether it’s decor for your home, a statement piece of jewellery or a stylish wardrobe essential, or a gift for a friend, when you shop SAPELLE, you’re experiencing a culture rich in artistry and design.