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    It's not about the ethics.

    Well not for our customers anyway. They shop from us because they love our products. For them, our ethical principles are bonus factor. And so it should be. The onus to source and behave ethically should be on us 100%. And it is. We believe that our customers' job is to fall in love with our pieces, hear the story (and fall deeper), wear them and be hooked for life.

    For us however, ethical considerations underline everything that we do, starting with a mission to create sustainable trade, employment, skills and even prosperity for the talented designers and artisans we work with around Africa.

    We believe that Africa is ready to carve out its place on the huge global fashion landscape with its unique blend of artisanal skills, innovative use of resources, nd the creative marriage of a myriad of cultural influences.

    We've seen examples of how badly things can go in the fashion industry when profit is put above all else, and we think that by setting standards here and now we can shape a more ethical fashion industry in Africa.

    We only work with partner who share these principles. We have either visited our suppliers or have been introduced by a trusted affiliate, or we have established a relatinship with them to ensure that our values are aligned.

    Sapelle is a Fellowship 500 member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, the world's largest network of ethical fashion industry players, and we abide by the organisation's Ethical Mandate.

    Sapelle is active in promoting and supporting the African fashion market through mentoring and collaborations and Daphne our founder has spoken at a number of events including those hosted by Fashion Africa Conference, JP Morgan, African-Caribbean Business Expo and the International Festival for Business