Our Principles


We place the customer at the head of everything that we do. That means that we listen to you and aim to deliver an excellent experience every time you come into contact with us, whether it’s in person or virtual through our e-commerce site or social media.

We’re all about giving back, therefore we support and partner with individual artisans and local community groups that are working to improve the livelihoods, learning and development of all that they employ. We adopt a partnership approach that involves lots of communication and understanding of needs, and collaboration to bring out the best in everyone on the supply chain.

Whilst we strive to constantly improve upon our products in order to bring quality of workmanship into everything we offer, we respect every person we’re connected to and the environment. We only work with partners who share our ethical principles and fair treatment practices for their staff.


Our vision is to offer creative, stylish and unique products that have a distinct African influence to design lovers seeking high quality products that suit their contemporary lifestyle. We are ambitious about reaching customers around the world and supporting African artisans and emerging designers who craft products with a story. A story about their cultural origins, about the design and crafting process and a story about who made them.

Sapelle is the name of the African Mahogany tree (or Entandrophragma cylindricum) a large tree that’s native to tropical Africa, with a beautiful texture reminiscent of mahogany. The highly textured wood can be found on acoustic musical instruments, interior fittings and luxury car dashboards. It is ecologically value-adding and an important commercial product for the communities where it flourishes. It has become a substitute to mahogany wood which is now a protected tree. We chose the name Sapelle because it represents something beautiful and valuable about Africa that is appreciated around the world – features that we can relate to.