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    Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Sapelle.
    Sapelle is a multi-brand retailer with a mission to showcase the very best of African-inspired ethical fashion and lifestyle products to a global audience. We love to work with suppliers who share our passion to fuse the traditional with the contemporary and create world-class everyday products for work, party and home.
    No doubt you will have browsed our website and seen the types of products we offer our customers, as well as the ethics and values that govern the way we do business.
    If you think that your brand is aligned with Sapelle in your ethos and your product offering, then please get in touch and tell us more about you and your brand.
    We need to know about your brand's history and background, your ethical values, production capabilities, and range of products. Send us the links to your website and social media, product images and lookbooks, your price sheet and trading terms, and any other useful information.
    Send this to email: team[at] and we'll get back to you.