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    Sapelle was established in 2012 and although we’ve come far on our journey to be a great brand with amazing, individual products, there’s still so much to achieve and aspire to.

    We see Sapelle becoming a leader in the African apparel market that breaks ground and helps shine a light on a fledgling artisanal and hand-made fashion industry in a global marketplace that’s finally embracing different influencers and players, and more ethical practice.

    We want to be an integral part of the maturing of Africa’s apparel industry and of its blossoming into a significant entity on the fashion scene.

    Our work to highlight the best of African-inspired fashion is just beginning. There’s so much more to it than ‘African print’. Watch this space to see the result of work we’re doing to discover and expose more of the hidden gems that make up the tapestry of this creative continent.