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How to design your own shirts

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Do I need to order a certain quantity?

The custom T-shirt platform offers a no minimum option. This means that you don’t have to limit the number of shirts that you can order. Some sections may require a minimum order.

What is the cost of custom-made shirts?

Your T-shirts’ cost will depend on how many you order, what style and fabric type you choose, and how many colors are included in your design.

How to Use the Sizing Chart What Measurements Should I Use?

To determine your chest circumference, you will need to use a tape measuring device. You can stand comfortably without flexing or puffing out your chest.Next, measure your shoulder height to a point about a foot below your waist. This should be about the length of your T-shirt’s hem.Contact our customer service if you need assistance measuring or figuring out your correct size.

What about a large group? What size should I get?

It is essential to measure the person for whom you are making shirts.We know that this is not always possible, especially if you don’t know who will be wearing your T-shirts. Here’s a tip.A slightly larger T-shirt is acceptable for most people. However, it’s more challenging to wear if the shirt is too small. The X and the XL should be the largest sizes in your order.


Online printing allows you to design and order custom-made shirts from anywhere.