360° Flexible LED Nail Dryer – 27W UV Manicure Lamp with Rechargeable Battery

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360° Flexible LED Nail Dryer - 27W UV Manicure Lamp with Rechargeable Battery $46.91 Original price was: $46.91.$30.49Current price is: $30.49.

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Illuminate Your Nail Artistry with Unmatched Precision

Discover the future of nail care with our 27W LED Nail Dryer, a state-of-the-art solution that promises to revolutionize how you cure your nails. Designed for both enthusiasts and professional manicurists, this UV nail lamp offers a symphony of style, efficiency, and precision, taking your nail game to a whole new level. Its unique 360° bendable design ensures every angle is covered, so you can say goodbye to uneven curing for good.  


Product Features

Our LED Nail Lamp is equipped with 9 powerful lamp beads that offer even and fast curing. The rechargeable battery ensures you can take your nail sessions anywhere without the hassle of cords. With its CE certification, you can trust in a product that meets high-quality standards and ensures safety during every use. The sleek and practical design is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to your manicure table.  

When Best to Use

This UV LED Lamp shines best when you’re creating stunning nail art, applying gel polishes, or affixing false nails. Whether you’re in a hurry or taking your time to craft intricate designs, the quick-drying technology makes it an indispensable tool for any nail task. It’s ideal for both home and salon use, giving you the flexibility to create flawless manicures wherever you are.  


Why Choose Our Nail LED Lamp?

  • Fast Drying: The 27 watts of power ensure your nails dry quickly and efficiently.
  • Portable: Its lightweight design coupled with a rechargeable battery offers unparalleled convenience.
  • Versatile: Suitable for curing various types of gel nail polishes and glues, thanks to its wide-ranging UV wavelength.
  • User-Friendly: Its 360° bendable nature allows for easy positioning to cover all angles of the nail.
  • Safe: CE certification confirms that your nail dryer meets the highest safety and health standards.


Seal the Deal

Are you ready to elevate your manicure experience with the latest in nail drying technology? Embrace the blend of innovation and style with our 27W Nail LED Lamp. With fast drying, safety certification, and flexible design, it’s not just a tool but a game-changer for nail artists everywhere. Grab yours today and shine bright with every manicure!  

51 reviews for 360° Flexible LED Nail Dryer – 27W UV Manicure Lamp with Rechargeable Battery

  1. Alice Johnson

    This is just the right size and so easy to use. Plus, it stays charged for quite a long time.

  2. Nicole Brown

    I really like it! It’s portable and works great.

  3. Katherine Lewis

    Works wonderfully and charges wirelessly!

  4. Emily Johnson

    Great product! 💅

  5. Grace Brown

    I’ve used it for gel press-on nails, and it works great!

  6. Jessica Davis

    Love this small lamp, it’s really helpful for nail work.

  7. Ava Gonzalez

    I love this lamp.

  8. Harper Phillips

    Great product, fast shipping, and affordable price. 10/10 would recommend to anyone! 🥰

  9. Ella Carter

    This UV light is awesome with motion detection. Small and compact, great for traveling.

  10. Brooklyn Mitchell

    The weighted base prevents it from falling over easily. I like the automatic light setting. It feels high quality and was a good value.

  11. Zoe Adams

    Ideal for polygel, dual forms, and press-on nails. Love that it’s rechargeable with a long-lasting battery.

  12. Mia Green

    It’s perfect for curing each nail individually. Great for polygel on double forms

  13. Isabella Young

    This UV lamp makes doing nails so much easier. It’s a bit top-heavy, but it allows me to get my nails on quickly and close to the light.

  14. Chloe Scott

    I love being able to flash cure one nail at a time. It’s wonderful for poly gel with dual forms.

  15. Lily Perez

    The lamp works perfectly, though it’s not as sturdy as expected, but it does the job.

  16. Emma Lee

    Perfect lamp! It’s rechargeable, flexible, and comes with a sticky piece for stability. And it’s RECHARGEABLE!!!!

  17. Sophia Rodriguez

    This lamp cures nails fast and is rechargeable. The only drawback is the placement of the on button.

  18. Isabella Garcia

    Works great and is easy to maneuver. Love that it’s rechargeable. Perfect for nail art and feet.

  19. Olivia Thompson

    I really like this UV lamp. It has a 60-second timer, is bright, portable, and flexible. A great lamp for any nail desk.

  20. Samantha Martin

    I love that this lamp is chargeable and portable. I can do my nails while watching TV. The price and portability are worth it.

  21. Kayla Harris

    This little light is awesome and rechargeable. I can take it anywhere, and it cures my nails very well.

  22. Alexis White

    I wish I’d found this sooner. It’s cordless and easy to use, especially since my hands shake. The bendable neck is a big help. It cures nails beautifully.

  23. Madison Jackson

    A cute, space-saving nail lamp with a flexible gooseneck and USB-C connection. Much less cumbersome than traditional lamps.

  24. Brittany Taylor

    This portable lamp does a great cure. It can stick to your table, just give it a good press.

  25. Ashley Martinez

    A cute, stylish, lightweight UV lamp that dries gel nail polish well.

  26. Sarah Williams

    I use this light for flash curing gel nail polish on tips, and it’s excellent. Highly recommend.

  27. Rebecca Smith

    This lamp is fantastic for gel nails and super easy to use. I just wish the base was heavier to prevent it from tipping over.

  28. Madison Mitchell

    I adore this lamp! It has amazing adhesion and works better than my previous lamp.

  29. Isabelle Carter

    Impressed with this lamp compared to another brand. It doesn’t tip over and has a flexible goose neck. Excellent for flash curing.

  30. Sophia Nelson

    Ideal for applying full coverage tips, much easier than other small lamps. Also useful for flash curing nail art.

  31. Isabella Gonzalez

    This lamp is a game-changer for using dual forms. It has a 60-second timer and a flexible neck, making nail work much easier.

  32. Chloe Baker

    Perfect for nail artists. Quick and efficient, especially for layering colors.

  33. Grace Adams

    Adorable design, comes with stickers for flat surface attachment. Great for at-home use and flash curing rhinestones.

  34. Laura Scott

    I use this lamp for my own gel tips. It’s incredibly easy to use and offers plenty of space for curing.

  35. Rebecca Wright

    Handy for hands-free curing of gel nails, but the button does turn it off after a few minutes. Still works well after months.

  36. amantha King

    This lamp is perfect for gelly tip/gel x nails. I wish the on/off button was placed differently, but it’s still great.

  37. Julia Young

    Extremely convenient for securing tips while curing the gel under the lamp.

  38. Alexis Hall

    One of my favorite salon tools. I even bought a second one. I highly recommend it.

  39. Ashley Walker

    I’ve had this for 2 years, using it daily in my work as a gel artist. It’s reliable and cute, and I’d definitely buy the same one again.

  40. Heather Harris

    Despite its small size, it works surprisingly well. The only downside is that the light turns off quickly.

  41. Brittany White

    Not ideal for fully curing gel products, but excellent as a ‘freeze’ light for applying tips and nail art.

  42. Rachel Jackson

    This is a handy and adjustable tool, perfect for seeing better when doing nails

  43. Sarah Miller

    I absolutely love this! It’s super lightweight, stays charged for a long time, and is very user-friendly.

  44. Linda Williams

    This product definitely works, though you need to cure your gel polish a couple of times. It’s really handy for applying Aprés nail tips with gel glue. Highly recommended.

  45. Jessica Davis

    Remember to keep it charged, especially before doing a set. The battery lasts well, and it’s great for minor tasks like gluing tips or detailed art cures.

  46. Karen Anderson

    As a licensed nail technician with over 18 years of experience, I find this flash cure light invaluable. It’s not as powerful as a regular gel machine but perfect for temporary setting before full curing under a gel machine.

  47. Megan Clark

    This is a flash cure lamp, which means you briefly cure each nail before final curing in a brand-specific lamp. It prevents improperly cured gel and potential allergies.

  48. Megan Wilson

    This little UV lamp is amazing! It’s rechargeable, so I can use it anywhere. As a paraplegic, it’s hard for me to use a larger UV lamp for my toes, but this one is perfect because of its bendy neck and portability.

  49. Nicole Anderson

    My daughter finds this lamp very easy to use. It comes with instructions and is a great gift. It could be more powerful, but overall, we recommend it.

  50. Hannah Thomas

    This is great as a night light in my daughter’s room. It’s rechargeable, which is useful during power outages. It also acts like a black light, making things glow at night.

  51. Emily Thompson

    Previously, I had trouble with a smaller flash cure lamp for my gel manicures. I decided to invest in this one, and it turned out to be my best purchase! It gives more space to work and fits perfectly with a Switch charger thanks to its USB-C port.

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