4-in-1 High Gloss Glitter Highlighter Powder Spray for Face & Body

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4-in-1 High Gloss Glitter Highlighter Powder Spray for Face & Body $29.49 Original price was: $29.49.$13.99Current price is: $13.99.

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Discover the Magic of Shimmer and Shine

Step into a world where your skin gets the spotlight it deserves! Our Shimmer & Shine Highlighter Powder Spray is not just a beauty product; it’s a celebration of your unique radiance. Perfect for any skin type and boasting a shelf life of 3 years, this fine, lightweight powder will elevate your makeup game, adding that perfect touch of sparkle to any look.


Product Features

  • Weight: 5g of pure shimmer.
  • Dimensions: Compact and travel-friendly at 8x4x9cm (3.1 x 1.6 x 3.5 in)
  • Versatility: Suitable for all skin types.
  • Efficacy: Expertly crafted to highlight and brighten, ensuring a radiant glow.
  • Texture: Fine silty composition with varying glitter particle sizes for a layered, diamond-like effect.

When to Use

Whether it’s a night out with friends, a special occasion, or just because you feel like it, our Highlighter Powder Spray is your go-to for that extra bit of glam. Its long-lasting formula means you shine bright all day or night.


What Makes It Special

What sets our Shimmer & Shine Highlighter Powder Spray apart is its unique blend of glitter particles. The three different sizes create a multidimensional sparkle, making you look and feel like you’re covered in diamonds. It’s not just makeup; it’s a way to express your most glamorous self.


  • Long-lasting glow for all-day radiance.
  • Easy to apply – just a quick spray for instant shine.
  • Enhances your natural beauty, highlighting your best features.
  • Perfect for both face and body, providing a versatile beauty solution.
  • Creates a brightened, shimmering effect that stands out.


Join the Glitter Revolution

Ready to dazzle? Add the Shimmer & Shine Highlighter Powder Spray to your beauty arsenal today and transform into the radiant, sparkling being you are meant to be. Your skin deserves this level of glamour. Embrace your shine!  

54 reviews for 4-in-1 High Gloss Glitter Highlighter Powder Spray for Face & Body

  1. Brittany Rodriguez

    I’m fond of this dry glitter; it stays on all day long. While it doesn’t have a scent, I still adore it. The staying power and quality of the glitter are truly impressive.

  2. Stephanie Adams

    The product looks fantastic on the skin, albeit a bit smaller than I expected. However, its effectiveness makes me consider repurchasing it in the future.

  3. Hannah Brooks

    I love the shimmers, but they do tend to leak from under the lid. When I open it, the glitter is everywhere, which is a bit of a surprise.

  4. Penelope Peterson

    I was amused by its small size, but its beauty is undeniable. It’s very pretty and adds a nice touch to my look.

  5. Audrey Nelson

    The application is smooth and it doesn’t spread everywhere, which is a huge plus. It’s a user-friendly product that adds a nice touch to any look.

  6. Amanda Martinez

    I’m impressed with how small yet powerful this product is. The glitter is really cute and adds a delightful touch to any look.

  7. James Clark

    Upon opening, I found that it wasn’t sealed properly, causing some spillage. That was disappointing, but the product itself is cute and works well otherwise.

  8. Daniel Scott

    It’s really small and cute, but not quite what I expected. It’s okay for emergencies, but for daily users like me, I’d recommend something else.

  9. Kimberly Brooks

    Love this product for adding a subtle shimmer to my skin. It complements my tan perfectly when I wear sleeveless tops in the summer.

  10. Natalie Evans

    I love feeling luxurious, and this glitter does just that. It’s a bit powdery, so I mix it with a light lotion for lasting effect. Perfect for an all-day glamorous look.

  11. Tyler Ortiz

    For my Tinkerbell costume, this was perfect. The scent is not my favorite, but it’s not bad either. Overall, it’s a very nice product with a pleasant smell.

  12. Samantha Reed

    If you’re a fan of glitter and sparkles, this is a must-have! I use it as a highlighter on my body and hair, and I absolutely love it!!

  13. Matthew Peterson

    I didn’t realize the photo was actual size – it’s quite tiny. However, its performance is great and it’s super cute, making it a worthy purchase.

  14. Nicole Nelson

    I absolutely adore this product. It’s so cute that I’m planning to order all the available options.

  15. Kevin Baker

    The product has a baby powder scent, but it works well otherwise. It’s a bit more powdery than I expected, yet still delivers a nice shimmer.

  16. Hannah Torres

    It dispenses like a little puff of powder, providing good coverage and a great look. The bottle is very tiny, but it’s incredibly cute and fits well in any makeup kit.

  17. James Campbell

    This product is fantastic! I love the color, and it works great as a body highlight. The shimmer it adds is just perfect for enhancing my look.

  18. Emily Edwards

    This is exactly what I was looking for – it adds beautiful sparkles to your skin, enhancing your natural glow.

  19. Elizabeth Stewart

    This product is easy to apply, with a bright and light rose color perfect for the face and neck. I would definitely recommend it for its ease of use and lovely shade.

  20. Brian Parker

    Need a pop of sparkle on your smooth skin? This product is it! Once in the light, you’ll notice the beautiful bronze glow it gives. Highly recommended for that extra shimmer.

  21. Michelle Adams

    The product’s old-fashioned spray bottle is charming and the size is perfect. The pigment it offers is just right

  22. Elizabeth Walker

    It was a gift and works wonderfully on both skin and hair. Although smaller than I expected, the cute bottle and its effectiveness for my needs make it a great purchase

  23. William Lewis

    Wow! This product is stunningly beautiful and flattering. I initially used it for prom and fancy dinners, but now I find myself using it all the time. It’s light and not too much, which I love.

  24. Jennifer Clark

    I like to give my face a light spray with this before setting my makeup. It leaves my skin looking glowy and beautiful, enhancing the overall finish of my makeup.

  25. David Hernandez

    I bought this for my sister and she absolutely loved it! I ended up getting more for myself and my mom. It sprays the perfect amount of sparkles and has good staying power.

  26. Elizabeth Garcia

    Absolutely love it! The amount of glitter is just perfect, not too overwhelming. I did a swatch test and it lasted about 2 hours, which is impressive for such a product.

  27. Christopher Brown

    Whether it’s day or night, this product ensures I’m always sparkling. It’s versatile enough to allow for a subtle shimmer or a more intense sparkle, suiting any occasion.

  28. Riley Wilson

    This is one of my favorite products. It’s important to keep the rubber stopper on to prevent wastage. The quality and effectiveness of this product really stand out to me.

  29. Michael Johnson

    The sparkle from this bottle is stunning, and its compact size makes it ideal for travel. I appreciate how easily it fits into my daily routine, adding a touch of glamour wherever I go.

  30. Kimberly Torres

    This product is GREAT! It offers a soft, white, sparkly shine that can be built upon. It comes in a charming, old-fashioned squeeze puff bottle that adds to its allure.

  31. Lucy Stewart

    This glitter is so pretty! It does tend to wipe off easily, so it’s best not to touch the skin after application. It looked fantastic in our hair as well. The scent is pleasing, and it’s very simple to use.

  32. Gabriella Reed

    This is excellent for adding a subtle sparkle over face paint designs. It covers a large area, which is exactly what I was looking for. The product is user-friendly and delivers a beautiful effect.

  33. Amanda Evans

    I absolutely love this product! Whenever I have the chance, I spray the glitter everywhere. It has a beautiful shine in the sunlight and really enhances my overall look.

  34. Melissa Parker

    These are ideal for anyone who loves a bit of sparkle. Their small size is perfect for travel, and the spray dispenses a thin layer of powder that provides just the right amount of shimmer.

  35. Michelle Scott

    The shine this product offers is simply amazing. The smell is pleasant, and the packaging is utterly adorable. I would highly recommend it and will definitely be purchasing it again.

  36. Jennifer Hill

    I appreciate the versatility of this product; it’s suitable for both my face and body, whether for work or a night out. The convenience and adaptability make it a great addition to my beauty routine.

  37. Sienna Lewis

    Between the pink and white options, the pink is definitely more appealing, but both stand out impressively. They’re excellent for adding a significant amount of sparkle.

  38. Ashley Edwards

    The smell is a bit unusual, but I absolutely adore how it applies the glitter – it’s just the right amount. The unique fragrance doesn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the product.

  39. Anna Martinez

    These bottles are adorable and perfect for adding a touch of shimmer. They’re effective in reducing facial shine too. Although smaller than I expected, I’m still very satisfied with my purchase.

  40. Abigail Sims

    This product enhances my makeup beautifully, and I’m absolutely in love with the fragrance. It’s so great and adds an extra layer of delight to my beauty routine.

  41. Lauren Davis

    I’m thoroughly impressed with these products. They stay on for hours, proving to be a fantastic purchase. The longevity and quality have definitely exceeded my expectations.

  42. Rachel Williams

    I purchased this product specifically for Halloween, and it was absolutely perfect for the occasion! The shimmer and shine added just the right touch to my costume, making it a memorable night.

  43. Sarah Lee

    I had concerns about the glitter looking fake, but the particles are so fine they create a stunning effect. The small bottle surprisingly holds a lot of product. I’ve used it on my skin, hair, and clothes with great results. Highly recommended for its versatility and effectiveness.

  44. Maya Davis

    Although small, the amount of product in this bottle is surprisingly sufficient. I’ve had mine for a long time and still haven’t run out. The fine glitter is very pretty and the bottle’s design is practical for on-the-go use. I highly recommend it for its lasting quality and beautiful effect.

  45. Jessica Smith

    This product is simply amazing in every way! The durability is impressive, it goes on smoothly, and smells lovely. It feels moisturizing and is packed with very fine, sparkly glitter. Though it can be a bit messy, its overall quality and effect are fantastic.

  46. John Carter

    I love this product! It’s easy to apply, though it can come out in a blob, so I suggest holding it a bit farther from your body. It has a wonderful smell that adds to the experience.

  47. Sarah Baker

    This is a really fun product to use. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, but be careful not to turn the bottle while spraying as it can release a lot of product. I highly recommend it for ladies who love sparkling glitters.

  48. Jennifer Ortiz

    Being a fan of glitter, I often find glitter oils or lotions not glittery enough, but this product meets even my high standards. Despite its small size, it lasts a long time. It also washes out of clothing easily, which is a huge plus. Keeping the cap is essential for preventing accidental glitter sprays during transport.

  49. Kimberly Campbell

    It takes a little practice to get the spray just right, but it’s worth it. Even if you apply too much, it’s easy to blend. I love using it for added sparkle on my eyelids and other detailed areas. The soft scent is reminiscent of baby powder and fades gently, not overwhelming at all.

  50. Elizabeth Walker

    I purchased these for my art club students, specifically for face painting activities. The girls are absolutely enchanted by the shimmer powder, and applying makeup in this way makes them feel like little princesses. It’s a joy to see their excitement.

  51. Amanda Clark

    These are both cute and fun to spray on. The glitter reflects beautifully and washes off effortlessly. Their compact size makes them convenient to carry around. The scent reminds me of a classic, hygienic perfume, which I surprisingly find quite pleasant.

  52. Megan Brown

    The appearance on the skin is stunningly pretty. Initially, the pink hue seemed almost bronze in the bottle, but once applied, it transformed into a lovely pink that complemented my pale skin tone perfectly. It’s not overpowering but subtly noticeable upon application.

  53. Jessy Johnson

    I absolutely adore anything shiny and shimmery, and this product delivers just that – it’s incredibly shimmery! I find myself reaching for it daily. The light, powdery fragrance is delightfully feminine, and it applies so smoothly that you can hardly tell it’s there. Whether I’m aiming for a subtle glow or a more dramatic shine, this product has me covered. I’ve already had to repurchase it twice due to frequent use. It’s definitely a must-have in your beauty arsenal!

  54. Bella James

    These cute, tiny treasures add a delightful glow to my day. Although I didn’t detect any fragrance, a gentle dusting of powder is released with each squeeze, which I find quite charming. It reminds me of days gone by, making me feel both fancy and vintage as if I’m sitting next to an imaginary rotary phone. Mixing it with moisturizer for a subtle, sparkling effect on the body is something I’d definitely recommend. The sparkles catch the light beautifully, giving a playful wink to anyone who notices.

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