Adjustable Baby Nasal Aspirator with Suction for Newborns & Infants

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Adjustable Baby Nasal Aspirator with Suction for Newborns & Infants $75.87 Original price was: $75.87.$64.49Current price is: $64.49.

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Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Your Baby’s Nasal Congestion: The Adjustable Baby Nasal Aspirator



Ensure your baby’s comfort and health with our Adjustable Baby Nasal Aspirator, a must-have tool for every parent dedicated to providing the best care for their little ones. Specially designed to clear your newborn’s nasal passages safely and effectively, our aspirator ensures your baby can breathe easily, promoting a good night’s sleep and overall well-being.

Key Features

  • Three Levels of Adjustable Suction: Tailor the aspirator’s power to suit your baby’s needs, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning process.
  • Safe and Certified Materials: The tips are made from medical-grade silicone, non-toxic, harmless, and have passed stringent FDA certifications and CE/RoHS standards.
  • Digital Display & Easy Operation: The user-friendly digital display shows speed and remaining battery power, while the simple button controls allow you to adjust between 3 different gears effortlessly.
  • Additional Benefits: Enjoy the soothing music function, attention-grabbing fluorescent light, and the versatility of a blackhead remover mode – all in one device.

Health and Safety First

Our aspirator is crafted with your baby’s safety in mind, featuring a tip made from soft, skin-friendly food-grade silicone, and an anti-reflow design that prevents mucus from flowing back into the nasal cavity. Plus, it’s easy to clean with a removable design, ensuring hygiene and longevity.



How to Use

Simply soak the nozzle in hot salt water, attach it to the aspirator, and you’re ready to go. For dry nasal passages, a saline or nasal spray can be applied, and our device will do the rest, helping to maintain your baby’s nasal discharge patency with ease.

Perfect for All Ages

Our Adjustable Baby Nasal Aspirator is suitable for a wide age range from 0-6 years, making it a valuable investment for parents looking for a long-lasting solution to keep their baby’s nose clear.



Why Choose Our Nasal Aspirator?

Our product stands out not only for its efficiency and safety but also for its unique features like the soothing music, fluorescent light, and blackhead remover mode, which add value and make the cleaning process smoother for both parents and babies. Choose the best for your baby, choose our Adjustable Baby Nasal Aspirator. Order now and breathe easy knowing your little one is in safe hands!

59 reviews for Adjustable Baby Nasal Aspirator with Suction for Newborns & Infants

  1. Grace Owen

    This has made a world of difference for my infant. She’s not a fan of it, but it effectively removes so much snot. I make sure to spray saline in her nose first, which really helps to break things up. My only regret is not getting one of these for my first baby!

  2. Lara Rogers

    Who knew suctioning a toddler’s nose could be so effortless? I am delighted with this product! The speed and suction capability are remarkable. It’s also easy to disassemble and clean. My boys can use this product without my assistance. It’s a solid 10/10.

  3. Gracie Lewis

    Great product. It works exceptionally well. Fast shipping!

  4. Georgia Miller

    This is a great product when it works. The only downside is that it doesn’t last very long; it stopped working by the fourth month of use. It no longer charges.

  5. Sarah Ball

    I bought this for my 3-month-old, who has been experiencing congestion, especially at night. It removed thick boogers after just a few tries, and my little one was clear and comfortable afterward. I would recommend it!

  6. Aaliyah Graham

    Please just buy it. It gets the job done without any hassle.

  7. Ada Brown

    This product is straightforward to use and gets the job done. I didn’t realize it had music and lights, so that was a pleasant surprise. My child is one year old, so getting her to use it was challenging. However, my older child loves it. The suction is strong but not uncomfortable. It’s a great product, but I find it a bit loud and challenging to use on older babies.

  8. Amy Pugh

    Love this thing, very helpful.

  9. Vanessa O’neill

    This nasal aspirator is a must-have for moms of little ones. It features lights and sounds to make the process more pleasant for tiny noses. The suction is smooth and gentle, efficiently getting the job done. The components are easy to clean, it maintains consistent charging, and comes in an organized case. Highly recommended!

  10. Esmeralda Chaney

    If you can get this at a discounted price, I definitely recommend it! It works exceptionally well for my newborn, and I couldn’t be more amazed.

  11. Erin Harrison

    The product performs as designed, offering strong suction with level selection. It’s easy to use and clean. Highly recommended!

  12. Matilda Chapman

    Who would have thought that music and lights would make suctioning little noses less stressful? My 7-month-old actually smiles when this device comes out. It’s a short-lived but great momentary distraction.

  13. Rebecca Fisher

    It works wonders! I used to use the bulb, and this is so much better!

  14. Georgia Baxter

    It makes getting the boogers out easy. This is my second time purchasing it because I lost the first one.

  15. Daisy George

    This device works. The lights and music help distract your baby or child. It provides gentle suction and helps remove the stuff they can’t blow out of their noses. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

  16. Melany Harrell

    We used a manual nose aspirator for far too long. This is a complete game-changer! I’m not sure if it removes 100% of everything, but it’s certainly good enough. The light and music even made my baby, who doesn’t like noise, more willing to stay “still.” It’s relatively easy to clean, and the battery lasts longer than expected.

  17. Tinley Dotson

    The quality of this product is excellent. It’s easy to use and clean. My twin toddlers love the music and lights, which help keep them distracted. The suction is effective.

  18. Katie Gardner

    My baby despised the manual booger removers, and it was a struggle for all of us! This device is a significant improvement, and she enjoys the music and lights. She doesn’t cry when we use it to keep her nose clean and free from gunk. Sometimes you have to make a few attempts to get some boogies out, but overall, this thing is fantastic and fun to use 😂. It’s definitely worth the price!

  19. Kelly Perkins

    I love using this with my baby. I regret getting the one you have to suck on for my first baby. The manual one made me gag, and I didn’t use it as much as needed because it grossed me out. So, this product is fantastic. Also, my 2-month-old baby doesn’t mind this sucker at all. I was worried she would scream, but she doesn’t mind it at all.

  20. Adriana Hutchinson

    I wish this had been available when I had my first children. Remember to register your product.

  21. Isabel Harper

    This has been a lifesaver! The light is really helpful at night, so I don’t have to turn on the bedroom light. The battery lasted longer than I expected, and we use this frequently.

  22. Summer Webb

    It has helped remove so much mucus that I can’t even imagine going through cold episodes without it. The only issue is that instead of offering three different suction tunes, they should have just provided three of the same one because only one is useful.

  23. Amber Jenkins

    It works very well, and I appreciate the music feature to entertain my baby.

  24. Charlotte Sharp

    This device has strong suction power, and it’s super easy to clean. I’ve used another electric nasal suction machine, and I absolutely love this one! The kids also enjoy the music with this one.

  25. Harriet Powell

    It works great and is much easier than a bulb suction.

  26. Anahi Richmond

    I love that it plays music and has flashing lights. It works really well.

  27. Aliya Bush

    It’s incredibly easy to use and clean. Initially, my baby wasn’t a fan, but now he almost enjoys getting his nose cleaned out. The four pieces are straightforward to clean, and it holds a charge for a long time.

  28. Jaylynn Tyler

    I adore this product. It effectively removes sticky boogers from the baby’s nose, and the music and neon lights are the best part! I use it daily to entertain my very squirmy baby during diaper changes.

  29. Caitlin Wilder

    This is an excellent tool. Manual booger suction was not an option for me. This device keeps everything contained, clean, and easy to use.

  30. Sydney Dillard

    It’s not very quiet, but it does light up and play music. I tried the suction on the back of my hand, and it did pull the skin a bit, so the suction should work very effectively when I finally get to use it.

  31. Chelsea Murphy

    My baby used to scream and cry when I would aspirate his nose, but he does so well with this automatic version. The lights and sounds help distract him, and the silicone nasal tip is flexible, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort.

  32. Louise Rogers

    It works very well for my little one, but I do wish it weren’t so loud.

  33. Heidi Spencer

    Far more effective than the typical nose sucker. The delightful music and lights help keep my baby distracted.

  34. Lilly Ellis

    I don’t know why I wasted so many years manually suctioning out snotty noses when this is, without a doubt, the greatest baby invention ever! I will buy this for any new mom I know as my must-have for a baby!!! It’s easy to hold and use with one hand and truly gets the job done. I couldn’t recommend this enough.

  35. Alexia Mays

    The suction is just right for the baby, and the combination of lights and nursery rhymes makes it appealing to the little one. The long handle makes it easy to hold. A very nice product.

  36. Sandra Leach

    This booger sucker is perfect and exactly what I needed to help with my baby’s congestion. I don’t really use the music, but the light-up feature helps distract my little one.

  37. Kasey Juarez

    This is a lifesaver. I use it on my infant and love it. It effortlessly removes mucus with minimal discomfort for the baby, and it’s very easy to clean. To me, it’s a must-have item if you have infants and toddlers.

  38. Zahra Boone

    This works amazingly well! My son no longer fusses when I clean out his nose. I highly recommend it!

  39. Trinity Robinson

    This one is working exceptionally well so far and doesn’t seem to have the water-related issues due to the gasket between the container and the motor.

  40. Erin Wright

    It’s worth every penny. I’ve been using this on my newborn for over a week now, and it’s been a lifesaver, giving me peace of mind knowing I can use it to help my baby breathe. Don’t hesitate to buy it; you won’t regret it!

  41. Katie Brooks

    Addressing mucus build-up is crucial, and this nasal aspirator has been a tremendous help for our infant. We are extremely grateful to have it.

  42. Lydia Hawkins

    The design is very nice, and the quality is top-notch. We previously had Dr. Mehta’s nasal aspirator, but this one is significantly better. It offers three levels of suction and a superior tip design. It’s been working great for my 4-year-old.

  43. Eliza Marsh

    It works great for my toddler and baby. My toddler can even hold it in his own nose. On days when it’s a struggle, this is much more efficient than the manual one, so we get it done quickly, ensuring we’ve removed all the snot.

  44. Amelie Smith

    If you use it correctly, you won’t be disappointed.

  45. Maliah Vinson

    I adore this device. It offers different suction settings, and we’ve found that level 2 works perfectly for our 1-month-old. It suctions out snot much more efficiently than the bulb, and you can see the contents inside the device, making it easy to clean. It’s a solid 10/10, and I’ll always consider it a great baby shower gift.

  46. Abril Valencia

    My baby absolutely adores this nasal aspirator. It makes cleaning her nose a breeze, and she’s captivated by the colorful lights and music. I had no trouble using it the first time because of the built-in “distraction” feature.

  47. Sarahi Kane

    This nasal aspirator works wonders for my newborn. I love the various suction settings and interchangeable tops. It’s a solid 10/10 for me. I will note that after charging it and attempting to turn it on, I initially thought it didn’t work, but you do have to hold the power button for a moment.

  48. Shannon Montoya

    This device really works! I used it on my one-month-old, and he doesn’t fight or fuss. It works best after instilling saline drops in the nostril first (which he didn’t like). The tip is soft and gentle, ensuring it won’t hurt your baby’s nose. I wish there was a light at the tip for better visibility.

  49. Chana Graves

    My son dislikes having his nose suctioned, as most babies do. He still doesn’t like it, but he loves the lights and music and often carries it around the house (clean) while suctioning walls and furniture. He even puts it up his own nose sometimes.

  50. Hollie Khan

    At first, my son was a bit scared of it because it’s quite loud, but he eventually got used to it and enjoys the lights. I’ve never had to use it beyond the first level of suction. It works incredibly well! I hope this product continues to perform great.

  51. Laura Mccarthy

    I absolutely love this! Initially, I didn’t include it in my baby registry, thinking it wasn’t necessary, but I was mistaken. I ordered it when my child was sick, and we absolutely love it. The fact that it lights up and plays music is fantastic. I now recommend this to anyone creating a baby registry.

  52. Caitlin Carr

    It’s easy to use, and a single charge lasts a couple of days with intermittent use during an illness. Having different tips is handy. My almost 5-year-old prefers the flat, long tip out of the three, but the rounded one is good for clearing out gunk. She just doesn’t like the full suction feeling it creates. It’s easy to disassemble and clean between uses.

  53. Lacey Lewis

    I accidentally allowed boogers to be sucked into the device. Following the instructions, I ran it for 20 minutes, but the suction remained weak. I tried using isopropyl alcohol wipes, squeezing a few drops in while it was running, and it did help restore the suction after a few minutes. Since isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly, I hope the motor wasn’t damaged. Hopefully, it’s a permanent fix; if not, it wasn’t working well before using the alcohol. Good luck!

  54. Molly Watts

    Dealing with a sick baby or toddler is challenging, especially when they’re congested. That’s where the nose sucker comes in, clearing their nasal passages in seconds. We had a less effective one when our child was younger, but this one exceeded our expectations. The fact that it’s USB rechargeable is a bonus. It’s a win-win! Get it and save yourself some tears.

  55. Alaysia Aguirre

    After 8 years, I had another baby, and I never liked the idea of manually suctioning out baby boogies. It grossed me out. I’m so pleased they make this rechargeable version. No baby enjoys having their nose suctioned, but this device makes the process much easier. It’s easy to disassemble for cleaning, and it’s always ready to use. Highly recommended.

  56. Jewel Hughes

    I appreciate the lights and music feature, which helps distract my baby from the uncomfortable suction. However, I do wish it was easier to clean.

  57. Noemi Randall

    My 5-year-old has faced numerous ENT issues that made him anxious about blowing his nose. No matter how many times we practiced or played games to help him learn to blow his nose, he always felt anxious about it, even with tissues. This device was my last hope to help him breathe, and I’m thrilled that it worked! He loved the lights and music, and after playing with it for a bit and realizing it didn’t hurt, he allowed me to use it on him without tears or struggles.

  58. Daphne Mayo

    This device works exceptionally fast, keeping the baby engaged with its lights and music, and the suction has multiple levels for dealing with dryer boogers. It’s incredibly easy to disassemble for cleaning and takes only ten seconds to put back together. I’ve been using it multiple times a week for over a month, and I’ve only had to charge it once for its initial charge. This is a must-have for registries and makes a fantastic gift for new parents.

  59. Collins Wyatt

    I typically don’t write product reviews unless something truly stands out, and I’ve always disliked using manual squeeze suckers. I found them more inconvenient than helpful. However, this electric one is a game-changer. My son is less than 2 weeks old and had some congestion, but this device swiftly removes those boogies in just a few seconds, allowing him to breathe and sleep comfortably. He usually fusses before his nap due to congestion, but as soon as this sucker clears it all out, he relaxes almost instantly and starts to close his eyes. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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