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Happy 25Th Anniversary Images Free Download

For many countries, the 25th wedding anniversary is known as the Silver Jubilee or the Silver Birthday. This is because silver-based gifts should be presented to the wedding partners. Continue reading to find happy 25th anniversary images and wishes that will make your friend and spouse happy.

Happy 25th Anniversary Images

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 1

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 2

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Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 13

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Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 19

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 20

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 21

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 22

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 23

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 24

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 25

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 26

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 27

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 28

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 29

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 30

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 31

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 32

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 33

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 34

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 35

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 36

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 37

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 38

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 39

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 40

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 41

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 43

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 44

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 45

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 46

Happy 25th Anniversary Images - 47

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25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  • We wish you both a happy 25th anniversary! Congratulations on reaching this milestone of trust and love! We wish you happiness in the days ahead!
  • Congratulations on your silver jubilee! Your bond is amazing and an inspiration to all who see it! You both may always be blessed.
  • You became one 25 years ago today, shared a long road, and triumphed over all difficulties with the love of your loved ones! Happy 25th anniversary!
  • Dear Mom and Dad: Happy 25th anniversary! We are so blessed to have you as parents. We wish you both a lifetime of love!
  • You two, happy silver wedding anniversary! You and your partner proved that, even though life isn’t perfect like a movie, having a loving spouse makes all the difference.
  • To the perfect couple, happy 25th wedding anniversary! Your marriage is an inspiration!
  • We were able to see that fairy tales are possible, thanks to you two! Happy 25th anniversary!
  • We send our best wishes to you both on this happy occasion of your silver jubilee. Keep loving and cherishing one another. Happy 25th anniversary!
  • Congratulations on your silver jubilee! Be happy and blessed always!
  • Thank you, mom and dad, for 25 years of happiness together! You are the best parents. I wish you 100 more years of a happy, joyful, and extraordinary marriage. God bless you!
  • May you two be together forever. Happy 25th anniversary to you both!
  • My lovely wife, Happy 25th anniversary! There was never a day that went by without me thanking God for the love and care He has shown me. We are so grateful for all of your help!
  • To the one who has stood by me for 25 years, poured love on me, and created this wonderful little family, Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Dear Aunt and Uncle, today is a special day that you have achieved 25 years of your love. This blessing from God could be with you until your last breaths. Happy 25th Anniversary!
  • 25 years commitment, 25 years of attraction, 25 years care, 25years of affection. 25 years of romance, 25 years of togetherness, and 25 years love 25 years of happiness. Happy 25th anniversary.
  • Only those who are united with heavenly love will travel such a long road and remain together. Your marriage life is like a long-running story that will be remembered for many years.
  • It is not easy to keep your hands on each other, no matter how hard it gets. Because you loved and trusted one another for the rest of your lives, you have made it this far.
  • Congratulations on your silver wedding. We wish you and your lucky couple all the best for your golden wedding.
  • Even after so many years, I’ve never seen a couple more romantic than this. I will never forget you guys as an inspiration to how to keep a happy marriage!
  • There are many happy couples and some unhappy ones. There are very few couples like you that can truly love and be loyal.
  • You and your spouse deserve all the happiness possible on this special day in your marriage. You two are the most romantic and beautiful couple. You have my prayers!
  • You have thought about many things in your 25-year marriage, especially how difficult it is to fight! Happy anniversary to your wedding!
  • It takes a long time to love and cherish someone you love. Please make the most of it and be thankful that you are together.
  • You brought happiness into each other’s lives from the first day. So, have fun after 25 years! Happy anniversary to your wedding!
  • Happy 25th Anniversary! Even after all these years, you guys remain a great couple. We wish you happiness as much as we have enjoyed these years.
  • To get to where you are today, it takes effort and sacrifice. To that end, I’d like to congratulate you and wish you a Happy 25th anniversary!
  • 25 years of pure love, you deserve a Hats Off! Happy anniversary to your wedding!
  • It is truly wonderful to go to bed and find someone you love there, and it will last a lifetime. Happy 25th anniversary!

25th Anniversary Quotes

25th Anniversary Quotes

  • A hug of care and a kiss of love, may you always have this relationship! Enjoy this moment!
  • You two are an inspiration and source of love and support. All my best wishes.
  • “No one would understand you as well as you do, and that’s the best thing about you both!” Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!
  • “Your twenty-five-year-long happy marriage is proof of the fact that fatal attraction is not fatal after all. Happy 25th Anniversary!
  • “So many things have your 25-year marriage thought, particularly how difficult it was to fight! Happy anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful couple! You are the perfect couple, and you were made for each other. All the best to you!
  • 25 years of a happy marriage is not possible for everyone. This milestone is only possible for those who love unconditionally and truly love their spouses. You are one of these rare people!
  • Even a bespoke vintage wine can’t match the beautiful texture and sweet flavor of your twenty-five-year-long marriage. Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary.
  • “Today is the day for romance, nostalgia, and ecstatic. It’s been 25 years of blissful marriage. Happy anniversary.
  • Let loose today and feel like a teenager again on your 25th anniversary. Remember that all else in life is temporary, and memories will last forever. “Happy anniversary!”
  • You’re the most romantic and attractive couple. This special day will be one of the most memorable in your married life. We wish you a happy 25th wedding anniversary.
  • It is said that staying with someone you don’t like is the hardest part of your life. You have managed to keep your relationship together for more than 25 years. That is a great accomplishment. Happy anniversary to you and your wife!
  • You have shared happiness for 25 years. It is so beautiful to see you both smile and look at one another. It’s like you just met. It is amazing to see the chemistry between you. Happy anniversary!
  • We wish you the most beautiful day of your silver jubilee. Keep the flame burning! Happy 25th anniversary!
  • Imagine if the entire world were made up of couples like you. It would be vibrant and full of love. Congratulations on your silver jubilee.
  • It is hard to go through all the emotions of life, but it has been 25 years since you were together. Your love was made for you. Friends, Happy 25th Anniversary!
  • Over the past 25 years, there have been times when you considered giving up, letting it go, and walking away. But none of these thoughts ever happened. Your love is so strong. True love is revealed during times of hardship. Happy anniversary!
  • Marriage counselors are a must. 25 years is not a short time. Happy 25th wedding anniversary!
  • You deserve the best marriage award for your outstanding twenty-five-year marriage. You have my best wishes for a happy 25th anniversary.
  • It’s not easy to keep your hands on each other for so long. This is a sign of the trust and love you have for one another. Happy Silver Anniversary!
  • When both partners have the desire to quarrel, two people make the most wonderful married couple. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • All I can wish for you on your wedding anniversary is that you and your spouse remain happy and joyous forever. Happy anniversary to you!
  • It is hard to express how happy I am to offer my support, and I wish you both the best.
  • I wish you both happiness and joy for the rest of your lives. Happy anniversary to the couple that I love most.
  • You two are doing a great job of holding on to each other. My best wishes for a happy anniversary, friends!
  • All the best wishes, thoughts, and dreams for you in this journey of your life. My friend, Warmest Regards and Happy Anniversary
  • Another chance for the Dynamic Duo to celebrate. My friend, Happy Anniversary!
  • To a wonderful couple, my heartfelt wishes. My friend, have a wonderful wedding anniversary!
  • Both of you, happy marriage anniversary! You two may have many more happy years together!
  • Love, laugh, and live together is the key to a happy marriage. I wish you the most wonderful anniversary!
  • You both deserve a happy 25th anniversary! We wish you many happy and healthy years together.
  • You have stood the test of time together, through thick and thin. You are truly a match made in Heaven. Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Here’s to another great year together. Happy 25th Anniversary, congratulations!
  • You still look into each other’s eyes as if it were your wedding day 25 years ago. It is a blessing to have witnessed such love. Happy anniversary!
  • You two, happy 25th anniversary! This is a remarkable milestone that’s well worth celebrating. We wish you continued to inspire others with your love and commitment to one another.
  • I wish you at most 75 more years of marriage. Here’s hoping for a perfect day with the perfect couple! Happy 25th!
  • When you reach your 25th wedding anniversary, you know it’s true. Congratulations!
  • Your love has grown stronger and more perfect. We wish you a happy 25th anniversary!
  • May you love each other, shine a light on each other’s lives and be strong as a couple. Your marriage has survived for 25 years. Keep it up, you two.
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