Interactive AI Robot Dog – Smart 2.4G Wireless, Programmable and Talking Toy for Kids

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(29 customer reviews)
Interactive AI Robot Dog - Smart 2.4G Wireless, Programmable and Talking Toy for Kids $115.61 Original price was: $115.61.$92.49Current price is: $92.49.

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Discover the Future of Playtime with Our Interactive AI Robot Dog



Introduce your child to the world of interactive play with our state-of-the-art AI Robot Dog, a blend of technology and fun designed to educate and entertain. This smart toy is not just a toy, but an incredible companion that brings the excitement of technology into the hands of your kids.



Features That Set Our Robot Dog Apart

  • Advanced 2.4GHz Remote Control: Effortless control with a high-tech remote controller.
  • Touch-Sensitive: Responds to touch with lifelike movements.
  • Programmable Actions: Personalize your pet’s actions to create unique interactions.
  • Interactive Abilities: Sings, dances, tells stories, and performs various actions.
  • Safe and Durable Material: Made from eco-friendly ABS, ensuring safety and longevity.
  • Expressive LED Eyes: Eyes that change expression, adding a level of emotional connection.

When Best to Use Our AI Robot Dog

This robot dog is perfect for children aged 12 and above, providing an engaging experience that is both educational and entertaining. It’s ideal for indoor playtime, offering a unique way to learn about robotics and programming, while also serving as a fun companion.



What Makes Our AI Robot Dog Special?

Our AI Robot Dog stands out due to its multifaceted features that combine entertainment with education. Its ability to be programmed for personalized interactions makes it more than just a toy – it’s a learning experience. Its safe, durable design means that it’s built to last and be a long-term companion for your child. The combination of advanced technology, safety, and educational value makes it a special addition to any child’s toy collection.

Why Choose Our Interactive AI Robot Dog?

By choosing our AI Robot Dog, you are not just buying a toy; you’re investing in your child’s development and joy. This robot dog offers a unique combination of interactive play, education, and technology, making it an exceptional gift for any child. It’s a perfect way to introduce young minds to the wonders of technology and robotics in a fun and engaging manner.



Bring Home the Joy of Interactive Play

Don’t wait to bring this wonderful blend of technology and play into your home. Order your Interactive AI Robot Dog today and watch your child’s imagination take flight with their new robotic companion!

29 reviews for Interactive AI Robot Dog – Smart 2.4G Wireless, Programmable and Talking Toy for Kids

  1. Nicole Garcia

    This robotic dog is a game-changer for playtime. My kids are enamored with its features, and it’s a great alternative to screen time. The build quality and interactive capabilities are impressive

  2. Brian Hernandez

    I was impressed with the build and functions of this robotic dog. It’s a great tool for children to learn about technology in a fun, interactive way

  3. Ashley Young

    This is a fantastic toy for kids who love animals and technology. My son enjoys programming it to do different tricks, and the touch interaction is a delightful feature

  4. William Scott

    I was looking for a tech toy for my niece, and this robot dog exceeded my expectations. It’s engaging, fun, and educational. She’s learning about technology while playing

  5. Jessica Moore

    My son is delighted with this toy. It’s easy for him to control, and the variety of functions keeps him engaged. It’s also surprisingly durable, handling his rough play with ease

  6. Daniel Hall

    This robot dog is a marvel of technology! The touch response, movement control, and cute design have made it my daughter’s favorite toy. It’s amazing how it mimics a real dog’s behavior

  7. Patricia Walker

    As a grandparent, I wanted a unique gift for my grandchildren, and this robot dog was perfect. The kids are fascinated by its movements and interactive features. It’s a wonderful, engaging toy

  8. James White

    I got this for my kids, and they love the dance modes! The robot dog is sturdy and responds well to the remote control. A great tool to introduce them to basic programming concepts

  9. Laura Robinson

    This toy was a hit at my daughter’s birthday party! The ability to program different skills and the interactive touch features are amazing. It’s like having a futuristic pet at home

  10. Kevin Lewis

    I purchased this robot dog for my nephew, and he can’t stop playing with it. The remote is easy to handle, and the dog performs numerous tricks that keep him entertained for hours

  11. Sarah King

    Honestly, I bought this for my dog, hoping it would be a companion. While they haven’t become best friends, this robot dog is adorable and user-friendly. It would be a fantastic gift for kids – it’s fun and affordable!

  12. Michael Anderson

    My 4-year-old is enamored with this remote control dog. The head sensing and voice recognition work flawlessly. The instructions are clear, making it an ideal gift for children. It’s great value for money.

  13. Lisa Brown

    I got this Robot Dog Toy for my daughter, and it’s superb. The quality is top-notch, and she adores it. The head touch sensing feature adds a realistic touch, making it respond in different ways. It’s a fantastic product

  14. Angela Martinez

    The robotic dog is almost like having a real pet, but even more fun with its dance and trick capabilities. It’s responsive to touch and commands, making it a hit, especially with young girls

  15. David Johnson

    This interactive toy is made of durable high-quality plastic and arrived well-packaged. It’s versatile, with movements and songs, and all my four kids love playing with it. It’s definitely worth the price and makes a great gift.

  16. Rachel Wilson

    Searching for a unique gift for my 6-year-old, I chose this remote control dog. It’s perfect for nurturing his interest in dogs and keeping him engaged. I’m eager to see his reaction this Christmas

  17. Susan Bennett

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my grandson, and it was a huge hit! The only downside was not getting one for each grandchild, as they all wanted one. The quality exceeded my expectations, and it’s still his favorite toy weeks later

  18. Mark Thompson

    I got this robot dog as a gift for my son and his friend’s daughter, and their excitement was through the roof! It’s an amazing interim pet before we get a real one. The joy and amusement it brings to kids are simply incredible

  19. Emily Clark

    We’re thrilled with this robotic dog! Its ability to move in various directions, coupled with four unique dance routines, makes for great entertainment. The volume control is a blessing for quieter playtimes. The touch interaction on its head and the skill programming features are impressive. The laser and detailed robotic design are adorable. This toy is a family favorite!

  20. John Harris

    I recently picked up this remote control dog for my son and it’s fantastic! The volume is perfect to capture his attention, and the large buttons on the remote are ideal for his little hands. I gave it a trial run before Christmas, and I’m confident he’s going to love it. It’s an excellent choice for kids who dream of a robotic pet

  21. Emily Davis

    My granddaughter received this as a birthday gift, and according to her mom, she’s absolutely in love with it. She follows it everywhere and talks to it constantly. It’s a great, low-maintenance alternative to a real dog and provides her with endless joy and companionship

  22. Michael Johnson

    I purchased this pink robot dog for my 3-year-old daughter’s birthday, and it was a massive hit. It’s packed with various skills that keep her laughing and entertained. I’m so pleased with this purchase and the joy it brings to her

  23. Christopher Martinez

    I gifted this to my child for her birthday, and it was a huge success! The remote control is user-friendly, and the toy itself is charming and delicate. She was engaged with it for hours on end. I highly recommend it for hours of fun

  24. John Wilson

    My 5-year-old daughter is smitten with this toy. It’s incredibly cute and mostly follows remote commands accurately. The pre-set functions are plentiful and perfectly suited for her. She enjoys dancing along with it, making it a fantastic gift that keeps her engaged and happy

  25. William Jackson

    I’m overjoyed with this Robot Dog Toy! It’s an interactive companion that mimics a real dog’s movements and responds to touch. Its singing and dancing performances are absolutely delightful. The intelligent remote control adds a whole new level of interaction. It’s a perfect gift for tech-savvy kids, and I find myself having a blast playing with it

  26. Joshua Garcia

    This little robot dog has stolen my heart with its adorable antics and responsiveness to touch, voice, and remote commands. It offers a multitude of functions like dancing and lighting up, providing endless entertainment. It’s an outstanding value for its price, making it an ideal gift for people of all ages

  27. Michelle Lewis

    We bought this as a gift and couldn’t resist testing it out first. It strikes a perfect balance between being straightforward and technologically engaging for children. It’s a wonderful and hassle-free alternative to a real pet, providing endless amusement without the responsibility of actual pet care.

  28. Justin Hall

    The user manual was crystal clear, making setup a breeze. The recording feature is phenomenal – it transforms your voice into various fun characters. This robotic dog doesn’t just walk and talk; it also has a funny dance feature! As someone who recently lost a beloved pet, this toy brought much-needed joy and laughter into my life. I can’t recommend it enough!

  29. Rebecca Carter

    As a caregiver, I introduced this AI Robot Dog Toy to the children in my care, and it was an instant hit! The simplicity of the remote control was a breeze for the kids to master. The build quality of the robot dog exceeded my expectations, giving me confidence in its durability for long-term play!

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