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Unleash the Joy of Kite Flying!



Experience the thrill of soaring kites with our Large Delta Kites, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Crafted from high-quality nylon ripstops fabric, these kites promise durability and excellent performance, making every flying adventure unforgettable. With their vibrant colors and bird-like shapes, they are not just kites but a spectacle in the sky.  

Why Choose Our Delta Kites?

Our delta kites stand out for their sound workmanship and ability to fly well even in gentle breezes. The easy-to-use 100m handle line ensures that both beginners and experienced kite flyers can enjoy seamless control. These kites are not only a source of fun but also a means to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.  

Product Features

  • Size Variants: Available in 160cm, 200cm, and 280cm to suit your preferences.
  • Material: Made of high-quality nylon ripstops fabric, ensuring durability and long-term use.
  • Frame: Supported by a sturdy FRP rod skeleton for stable flight.
  • Package: Comes in a convenient nylon bag, making it easy to carry and store.



Benefits of Our Kites

  • Enhances Outdoor Activities: Perfect for beach trips, park outings, and family gatherings.
  • Promotes Physical Health: Encourages physical activity and coordination.
  • Safe for Children: Made with healthy materials and has CE/EN71 certifications.

When to Use Our Kites?

Ideal for days with gentle breezes, these kites are perfect for outdoor activities, be it at the beach, park, or in your backyard. They are designed for users aged 3 and above, making them a wonderful family activity that bridges generations.  



What Makes Our Product Special?

Our kites are more than just toys; they are a blend of quality, performance, and visual appeal. They represent the heritage of Weifang, the world-renowned kite capital. By choosing our kites, you’re not just buying a toy, but a piece of art that celebrates tradition and craftsmanship.  

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories and enjoy the simple pleasures of kite flying. Order now and let your spirits soar with our Large Delta Kites!  

74 reviews for Large Delta Kite for Outdoor Sports

  1. Mason Cooper

    My grandsons, aged 7 and 10, adored these kites. One of them survived my grandson losing the string, and it flew away. We found it in a tree about a half mile away, perfectly intact. It remained stuck in the tree and flew for hours before finally coming down. It provided a fun outdoor activity, and they absolutely love it.

  2. Bradley Houghton

    I bought this for my grandson, and he loves it! He was able to fly it higher than the neighbor’s kite. It’s very easy to spot, and the streamers give it a graceful appearance. We live in a very windy area, and I wasn’t sure if it could handle the gusts and wind sheers, but it held up exceptionally well! I would definitely order it again.

  3. Luke Hussain

    The kite is excellent, and the string is very strong. The tails add a cool look to it when it’s in the air!

  4. Jordan Kelly

    It went up effortlessly and stayed there. I flew it to the end of the string but brought it down to about 100 feet to showcase the colors. I also added a 49-foot tail, so I’m not sure how it flies with the tail it came with. It was so stable that I was able to stand on the string and fly my Prism Triad box kite simultaneously. I purchased this kite because I enjoy flying kites on windy days. I found it to be very durable and highly effective. The long tails it comes with help balance it out. I’ve flown it multiple times now and plan to continue doing so when the wind is strong enough. It’s a fantastic purchase, and I highly recommend it!

  5. Brooke Carter

    My husband and I bought two Mint kites after struggling to keep some other brand’s kites in the air. These kites go up immediately and stay up! They are incredibly easy to fly, making them perfect for beginners. They also set up and break down easily and come with a convenient carrying case. We are both thrilled to continue flying these kites!

  6. Logan Cole

    I am incredibly satisfied with this kite; the quality of both the kite and the string far exceeded my expectations given the fantastic price. The first time I flew it at the beach, it performed exceptionally well.

  7. Aaron Butler

    It has been an absolute joy to fly. The design is well thought out, and the kids are having a blast.

  8. Jacob Thomson

    I love this kite. It’s super easy to fly, although the handle was a bit slippery and slipped out of my hand while flying. I contacted customer service, and they were extremely courteous in sending me a replacement handle. I will definitely buy more from them!

  9. Ewan Lane

    It’s an excellent choice for beginners.

  10. Harley Sharp

    Oh my goodness, I’m not sure who has more fun with this kite, my son-in-law or my grandson, but they both have a blast with it. After the disappointment of a kite that kept nose-diving, I bought this one, and it doesn’t just fly—it SOARS!

  11. Jaden Rhodes

    It’s easy to assemble and a breeze to fly. It shot straight up to 200+ feet in a 15-20mph wind at the beach!

  12. Melvin Ball

    We had a great time with this kite. We let out the string to the very end and laughed with joy. Initially, I didn’t bother reading the instructions because I’m a “Man,” but eventually, I had to. Winding it back in can be a bit challenging. A helpful hint is to wear gloves.

  13. Peter Ingram

    The kite is simple to assemble, but it’s important to note that the wind gusts should be consistent. It only nose-dived once, and that was due to a lack of wind. When the wind blew consistently, the kite soared to impressive heights and even impressed onlookers at the park.

  14. Kash Parker

    A fantastic product. It assembles quickly, is lightweight, and sturdy. We flew it at the condo and later at the beach today. It’s ready for another day of fun tomorrow!

  15. Bryce Delgado

    We purchased this kite and had it assembled in less than 5 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. We took it out for an entire afternoon, and it’s still in perfect condition, even after a few dive bombs to the ground. Overall, the kite performed just as we had hoped. I’m not an avid kite flyer, but the design must be conducive to flying well. It was a great experience overall, and my inner child was delighted that afternoon!

  16. Robert Grant

    I appreciated the ease of assembly, but the printed instructions that came with the kite could have been more specific about attaching the string. I learned how to do this by watching a video posted by another customer. Once assembled, my 5-year-old grandson and I took the kite to a nearby park by the marina. It was an exceptionally windy day, so I hesitated to hand over the kite handle to my grandson, so we held it together. He was also able to grasp the crossbar and lift the kite above his head to get it airborne. It’s well-constructed and straightforward to disassemble.

  17. Jay Clarke

    This kite came together quickly, had a relatively easy takeoff, and the grandkids absolutely adored it. Once that kite is up in the air, it doesn’t want to come down.

  18. Evan Barker

    Unfortunately, the pole pocket on one of the kites was not properly stitched, causing the pole to go right through it, rendering it unusable right out of the bag.

  19. Tyler Palmer

    I bought two of them, and one works great while the other nose dives every time it’s in the air. I plan to return the faulty one in hopes of getting another good one.

  20. Hayden Chambers

    Easy to fly, and I let a couple of kids on the beach, aged 4 and 5, have a turn with it. It remains very stable in the beach breeze.

  21. Jared Fox

    I previously purchased another kite of the same brand and was very satisfied with it. So, I bought this one and have received many compliments on it. The kite is well-crafted.

  22. Kolton Heath

    Very nice. Simple to assemble. Highly portable. Vibrantly colorful. Easy to fly. In fact, if there’s no wind, the kite will still soar as long as you can run. My grandson loves chasing me at the park when we fly this colorful kite.

  23. Allen Richmond

    Had a fantastic time with my child with this kite. The instructions are clear, and once it’s up, it really takes flight! The string and hook never broke, even in strong Texas winds. It’s an excellent beginner’s kite that can be used again and again.

  24. Ty Gould

    We’ve purchased several different kites, but this one is by far the best. It’s very easy to fly and assemble, and it will stay in the sky for hours without much attention. It’s a great kite!

  25. Jaiden Sullivan

    Very, very easy to fly. Looks great. Would definitely buy again.

  26. Peter Parker

    I keep this kite in my knapsack and bring it out for my grandchildren. These delta kites are simple to fly but lack the nostalgic satisfaction of the homemade ones from my childhood. The quality is reasonably good, and the string is sturdy but a bit short. I appreciate the swivel tackle where the string attaches to the kite.

  27. Ethan Cooke

    My son and I absolutely adore this kite! It was a breeze for us, even my 5-year-old, to assemble with my guidance. The kite’s material, combined with strong winds, sends it soaring! It performs beautifully under the right weather conditions. It’s been quite a while since I’ve flown a kite, and I thoroughly enjoy this one. I plan on buying another.

  28. Nathan Thompson

    The shape and style of this kite are perfect for young children who are just learning to fly a kite. My grandson was originally 5 years old when he flew a similar kite all on his own with minimal assistance from me. He loved flying the kite, and I was delighted to see how easy it was for a small child to keep the kite aloft. I highly recommend this kite for anyone looking to get one for a young child.

  29. Gabriel Ball

    It got snagged on an under-construction building near where I was flying it. The line was so durable that it didn’t break even after getting tangled three times when I tried to untangle it. I still managed to retrieve it. I rate it 5 out of 5, especially the part where it got stuck.

  30. Peter Holmes

    I bought this for my grandchild. We assembled it together, and I showed him how it works. With a little wind, it soared into the sky. We had a few crashes, but the kite held up well. I’m satisfied with my choice of purchasing this kite.

  31. Amir Vargas

    I bought it as a gift for a friend and was not disappointed with the quality and performance.

  32. Xander Marsh

    My kids adore these kites. They are robust and straightforward to fly.

  33. Ryland Combs

    I liked everything about it. It’s easy to fly, and the grandkids loved it.

  34. Kaysen Monroe

    We are quite pleased with these kites! We purchased three, initially expecting them to wear out quickly, but they’ve proven to be quite durable. They are incredibly lightweight and soar to impressive heights. We’ve only used one so far, but it has seen multiple flights, and our kids adore it.

  35. Zayden Mcintosh

    The instructions provided with the kite could be improved, but considering it’s a kite, it wasn’t challenging to figure out. The key is to ensure that the correct-length pieces are oriented in the right direction. The string should be attached to the opposite side from where you insert the rods, and it’s connected with a fishing swivel hook.

  36. Theo Clark

    I didn’t anticipate such high quality at this price point. The kids are thrilled with it, especially our toddler, who finds it amazing and can’t stop giggling while watching his older brother fly it through the cornfields.

  37. Aiden Cox

    It looks fantastic and flies beautifully. What more could you ask for?

  38. Kyle Collins

    This is an ideal kite for beginners, as it soars quickly! My advice is to discard the included string kit and invest in a good reel—you’ll need it. This kite is easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient storage.

  39. Jude Simpson

    The construction is solid, and everything was included in the package. I do wish the tail matched the kite’s colors, as the tail is primarily red, blue, and yellow, while the kite has a more vibrant variation. The kite’s dimensions are accurate, though it may appear slightly smaller than expected, especially for adults, but it seemed huge when I was a child.

  40. Theo Grant

    This kite offers heaps of fun for both adults and children alike. Please note that the string is not included with the kite.

  41. Jaxson Espinoza

    It’s a sturdy kite that provides an enjoyable and effortless flying experience.

  42. Gunnar Schroeder

    It may be a basic kite, but it’s constructed from very durable materials. I was pleasantly surprised, as many low-cost kites are made of flimsy plastic that quickly deteriorates. This one feels like it’s crafted from robust, thread-reinforced nylon or a similar material.

  43. Jonathan Caldwell

    This kite offers excellent value for its price. We’ve flown it countless times at the beach without any issues and have even managed to send it soaring to 1000 feet using a kite reel, which I also strongly recommend.

  44. Nikolai Kirby

    I bought this kite for my grandson, and he absolutely adores it. It’s incredibly easy to fly and requires minimal wind to take flight. I’m even considering getting another one for myself! Highly recommended!

  45. Marcel Shepherd

    It’s a really lightweight kite that ascends easily in most wind conditions, even for children. I was impressed by how it handled an exceptionally windy day, proving its performance capabilities. Although it’s not of the highest quality (some ribbons for tying started fraying quickly) and feels somewhat delicate, its performance has been consistently impressive. They assemble easily and provide endless fun for children, withstanding some rough handling while remaining airborne.

  46. Noah Evans

    These kites are a breeze to assemble, easy to fly, and the kids absolutely adore them!

  47. Kieran Fisher

    I flew it on a rather windy day, and it performed perfectly!

  48. Callum Lewis

    I took it out for its inaugural flight today, and both my boys effortlessly launched it without any issues. It maintained a steady flight path, avoiding the erratic movements of cheaper plastic kites. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

  49. Jonathan Hunt

    This kite is exceptionally well-crafted, offering swift and hassle-free assembly and disassembly. Its compact size makes it effortlessly portable in your trunk or backpack. It’s a breeze to launch and remarkably sturdy, surpassing my expectations!

  50. Nathan Woods

    This kite is a high-performance gem! It glides gracefully in light winds and climbs like a rocket.

  51. Owen Bennett

    Simple to assemble, easy to use, and perfect for kids.

  52. Tyler Campbell

    This kite flies effortlessly, much better than the one we purchased at Walmart. It soars even with the slightest breeze.

  53. Charles Elliott

    My son absolutely loves it.

  54. Rex Sweet

    It’s an impressively sturdy kite, and the string is remarkably tangle-proof, which is fantastic! The customer service provided by this company is exceptional!

  55. Davian Hart

    This kite is exceptionally well-made and effortless to launch. My three-year-old granddaughter enjoys watching it, and with supervision, she can hold onto the handle.

  56. Eddie Caldwell

    My kids love flying kites, and as soon as I saw this one with its vibrant colors, I knew they would absolutely enjoy flying it. All we need now is some windy spring weather.

  57. Braden Ingram

    This is an incredibly colorful kite. The material is relatively thin, making it easy to assemble and attach the handle with the cord to the kite. It comes with everything you need for kite flying. The product is as advertised, making it an ideal choice for beginners. It’s a lot of fun to fly!

  58. Myles Fitzpatrick

    This kite was a wonderful gift for my grandson. His dad “assisted” him, and it was a breeze to assemble. It’s also quite durable in the windy conditions at the beach. It’s a great gift idea.

  59. Corey Lewis

    I haven’t had the chance to fly it with the kids yet, but it looks very promising, and I’m quite hopeful. I’ll provide an update after we’ve flown it.

  60. Ellis Miller

    The price-to-quality ratio is excellent. Considering the given price, this kite is truly amazing. It flies well and can be neatly packed into a small bag.

  61. George Henderson

    It performs exactly as expected!

  62. Tom Scott

    My grandson, who is 5 years old, thoroughly enjoys flying this kite. It boasts nice colors and is more durable than other kites.

  63. Tommy Read

    This kite is perfect for young children to experience the joy of kite flying.

  64. Colton Lamb

    I absolutely adore this kite! It’s a breeze to launch and keep it soaring high. It’s a high-quality, visually appealing kite, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  65. Jaylen Patton

    This kite is a lot of fun. I’ve only used cheap plastic ones in the past, but this kite has a sturdy frame, almost like that of a tent but thinner. The kite material is made of polyester fabric that will withstand wear and tear. While the kite will fly, it requires a consistent and strong wind to stay in the air. I would recommend it for beginners.

  66. Davon Hoover

    It’s a bright and colorful kite, just as described. I’ve taken it out once, and it’s still in great condition.

  67. Kaden Thornton

    It arrived in perfect condition, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  68. Issac Torres

    I purchased a total of four kites for a beach trip, and this one was the easiest to set up and of the highest quality. It comes with a long (at least 300 feet) and noticeably thicker nylon string on a larger reel and handles strong winds admirably. The line even includes a detachable swivel connector, and the setup is a breeze thanks to the built-in nylon bridle. You do need to assemble the poles (which keeps the packed size smaller), but that’s a breeze as well.

  69. Frederick Woods

    We’ve tried numerous others, and none have flown as superbly as these kites do! Even in Alaska, they hold up exceptionally well. Thank you!

  70. Aiden Burns

    The setup is super easy, and it’s a lot of fun to fly.

  71. Jude Fisher

    I purchased it for a school kite-flying day. It’s easy to fly, durable, and looks splendid in the sky.

  72. Elliot Hawkins

    It’s an attractive kite that flies effortlessly as well. It’s a fantastic kite for the price, and the vendor’s assistance was greatly appreciated.

  73. Ryan Riley

    This kite arrived in impeccable condition. The assembly was straightforward and effortless, and my two-year-old and I managed to get it airborne in just a few minutes. The included storage sleeve is a nice addition.

  74. Terrell Bernard

    I wasn’t sure if the promise would hold, but indeed, this kite was easy for our 3-year-old to fly with a bit of help in getting it up! I ended up purchasing another one for the 2-year-old. The guarantee that comes with it is also outstanding, so I highly recommend this kite and this vendor!

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