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Illuminate Your Space with Smart Lighting

Introducing our versatile and efficient LED Night Light, perfect for kitchens, wardrobes, and any under-cabinet areas. Designed to blend seamlessly into your home with its sleek design, this light is more than just a utility; it’s an enhancement to your living space. Whether you’re grabbing a midnight snack or searching for something in your wardrobe, this light provides the perfect balance of brightness and convenience.



Product Features

  • Size Variations: Available in 30cm, 40cm, and 60cm to fit any space.
  • Exterior Color Options: Choose between elegant Black or Silver finishes.
  • Luminous Versatility: Features three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 6000K) in one lamp.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a magnetic iron patch for hassle-free setup.
  • USB Rechargeable: Includes a USB charging cable for easy power-up.
  • Motion Sensor Activation: Lights up automatically with its advanced PIR motion sensor.

Our LED Night Light is ideal for various settings, be it under kitchen cabinets for better visibility while cooking, in wardrobes for choosing outfits, or as a night light in corridors. It’s also perfect as a reading light, providing focused illumination without straining your eyes.

What Makes It Special?

This light is not just a lighting solution; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Its smart motion sensor technology conserves energy and provides convenience, lighting up only when you need it. With its rechargeable battery, say goodbye to constant battery replacements, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective. Its versatile color temperature options cater to different moods and settings, ensuring that it’s not just a light, but a mood enhancer for your home.

Product Benefits

  • Convenience: Motion sensor technology for hands-free operation.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications like kitchen, wardrobe, or corridor lighting.
  • Energy Efficiency: Rechargeable battery reduces the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Customizable: Multiple sizes and color options to fit any decor.
  • User-Friendly: Easy installation and operation.

Transform your home with this LED Under Cabinet Light. Its combination of functionality, convenience, and style makes it an essential addition to any modern home. Light up your space today!

54 reviews for Multi-Color LED Under Cabinet Light

  1. Nancy Lewis

    I love it.

  2. Barbara Young

    Love this product.

  3. Brian Clark

    Worked great!!!

  4. Gary Allen

    We absolutely love these lights!

  5. Lisa Walker

    Very easy to set up and the brightness difference is notable!

  6. Richard King

    These lights are perfect for under my bar area.

  7. Jane Doe

    I’ve had these lights for about a month, and they’re still going strong without a need for recharging.

  8. Steven Thompson

    These lights excellently illuminate my coffee pot in the kitchen. Very effective.

  9. Jessica Moore

    Easy installation, and they look fantastic at night under my cabinets.

  10. Patricia Robinso:

    Easy to install, good battery life once set up. Overall, very satisfied.

  11. Edward Baker

    Aligning the magnets was challenging with unclear instructions. They feel a bit flimsy and fall easily upon touch.

  12. Emily Johnson

    Finally, an under-counter light that works without needing an electrician! Absolutely perfect and cost-effective.

  13. Susan Wright

    Work wonderfully in the kitchen under the top cabinets.

  14. Andrew Lee

    These lights are straightforward to install and use, with a long-lasting charge.

  15. Daniel Taylor

    The way the light illuminates the counter is perfect. I’m definitely planning to purchase more.

  16. Amanda Martin

    Fantastic motion sensor LED light for under kitchen cabinets. Definitely planning to buy more.

  17. David Brown

    Exactly what I hoped for – the lights are bright, functional, and I’m very satisfied.

  18. Karen Adams

    Installation was easy, and the magnetic removal for charging is convenient. I wish the lights stayed on longer in night mode.

  19. Megan Lewis

    These lights are fantastic, especially in my RV. They’ve exceeded my expectations.

  20. Joshua Wright

    I wanted a quality, easy-to-install light, and this product reflects just that. It illuminates beautifully every time I enter the room.

  21. Michael Brown

    Loved them so much, I bought four more. They look great and recharge easily. All set to motion sensor and I’m very satisfied.

  22. Elizabeth White

    I should have bought these lights earlier! Perfect for a dark kitchen, and I plan to get more for other areas in the house.

  23. Michael Johnson

    Setup was a snap, and they perform excellently!

  24. Matthew Martinez

    I’m really fond of this light bar. Its motion detection works seamlessly, and installation is a breeze.

  25. David Miller

    Can’t comment on battery life yet, but the motion detection is excellent. I wish there were extra sticky pads for initial misplacements, but it’s a minor issue.

  26. Christopher Harris

    This light is excellent under my cabinets, especially when I need to see something extra on the countertop.

  27. Brian Rodriguez

    I’m impressed by the motion sensitivity of these lights and the adjustable tone settings. They’re a fantastic kitchen enhancement.

  28. Ryan Scott

    I installed these lights in my basement bookshelves, and they work wonderfully. I appreciate the choice of white shades and the efficient charging.

  29. Margaret Gonzalez

    They work well but I wish the charge lasted longer. Other than that, they’re great as a night light.

  30. Daniel Garcia

    The lights are incredibly bright, with an excellent motion sensor. Everything about them has been perfect.

  31. Ashley Davis

    These lights transformed our dark pantry. They switch on automatically and reactivate with minimal movement. Particularly beneficial for seniors.

  32. Kimberly Walker

    Everything about this product is appealing – its price, different modes, remote control, easy installation, and appearance.

  33. Jessica Miller

    They have a robust feel and are very simple to program. I plan to buy additional units.

  34. Sarah Lilson

    Bought these for my homemade camping trailer. They are both beautiful and functional.

  35. Joseph Scott

    Absolutely love this! Perfect brightness and the motion sensor works great. Requires charging, but it’s not an issue.

  36. Christopher Wilson

    I use these in my pitch-dark closet, and they’re a revelation! The charge lasts a long time, and they activate with the slightest movement. Strongly recommended.

  37. Kaitlyn Young

    After initial charging, these lights have lasted weeks without needing a recharge. They only activate at night, which I prefer.

  38. Laura Anderson

    We love these cabinet lights. Easy to charge and install, they’ve made kitchen use at night much easier. They also work great in closets.

  39. Lisa Jones

    I’m impressed with these lights and have already ordered another set. They adhere well under cabinets and provide lovely accent lighting. I definitely recommend them.

  40. James Martinez

    Installed three in a dark stairway and liked them so much, we added more under our kitchen cabinets. Now there’s no need for lights every time we enter the kitchen.

  41. Emily Thompson

    The lights were straightforward to install, and the remote control extends beyond the included three lights. We purchased two sets, utilizing five in our kitchen and one in a dark utility closet, set to sensor mode.”

  42. Olivia Torres

    The perfect size for closets, these lights offer adjustable brightness and a convenient timer. Even without the remote, they can be controlled via side buttons. I highly recommend it.

  43. Thomas Nelson

    These lights are good for under cabinet lighting and easy to install. They require frequent recharging, which is a downside, but they recharge quickly. I use the motion sensing mode to conserve power.

  44. Sarah Williams

    These lights activate during the night, guiding me safely to the bathroom. It’s a game-changer not having to fumble for light switches or remember to turn them off.

  45. Jennifer Hernandez

    The motion lights are great. Using them on night mode and the lowest setting helps prolong battery life. They’re rechargeable, and the adhesive is reliable. An excellent product overall.

  46. Mary Garcia

    After returning several products, I found these lights to be perfect for under cabinets. The motion sensor is accurate, and the bright white light is just what I wanted. Planning to buy more sets.

  47. Elizabeth Clark

    For a non-electrician with a dark kitchen, these lights are a savior. Easy to install, they come well-protected and ready to mount. Charging is quick, and the LED indicator is helpful. They illuminate my kitchen beautifully upon entry.

  48. Mark Jackson

    Bought these for my cabinet. They’re rechargeable, easy to install, and great as sensor or emergency lights. Highly recommend for anyone needing cabinet or sensor lights.

  49. Zachary Hernandez

    I initially bought one to test and quickly followed up with a two-pack. Their installation is effortless, and the adjustable dimming and light tone are superb. I’m planning to buy more for uplighting.

  50. James Anderson

    The installation of these lights was a breeze, and they charge rapidly. They’re incredibly responsive, activating immediately as I approach. The versatility in color options is a plus, and the remote conveniently controls multiple sets. I’m thrilled with them and planning to add more for under-cabinet lighting.

  51. Nicholas Hall

    Bought on impulse due to its low cost, and it’s been a great addition over my dark sink. Installation is simple, and the motion sensor is highly effective.

  52. Rebecca King

    These lights are exactly what my kitchen needed. After charging, I set them to motion mode, and they light up reliably at night. I’m planning to get another set.

  53. Amanda Lopez

    These lights have been phenomenal so far. The magnetic attachment system is effective, and the sticky pads hold firm. The motion sensor is reliable, and the three color modes are a great feature. The only uncertainty is battery life.

  54. John Smith

    Appreciate the soft white change of these lights. Planning to use them under my desk topper as a replacement. They seem easy to mount and recharge.

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