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Memorial Day: History and Meaning – Helpful

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memorial day

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, honoring those who have died while in the service of their country. The day is typically celebrated with a parade and speeches at the memorial. Those who have died are often called “fallen heroes” and their service to the country is honored. The day was originally called Decoration Day, but it was renamed Memorial Day in 1868, making it an official holiday.

Dates for Memorial Day

Holiday Date  
Memorial Day 2021 Monday, May 31, 2021  
Memorial Day 2022 Monday, May 30, 2022  
Memorial Day 2023 Monday, May 29, 2023  
Memorial Day 2024 Monday, May 27, 2024  
Memorial Day 2025 Monday, May 26, 2025  
Memorial Day 2026 Monday, May 25, 2026  

National Moment of Remembrance

On May 3  2000 the United States (signed by then President Bill Clinton) government pushed out the “National Moment of Remembrance” to Americans at 3 pm in the local time of Memorial Day to take several minutes to reflect and show respect for those who had lost their lives in defense of our nation and our principles.

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