Ultra Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Mesh Tape


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Discover the Power of Versatility

Introducing our Ultra Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Mesh Tape, the ultimate solution for all your bonding needs! Engineered with a perfect balance of strength and ease of use, this tape is your go-to tool for a multitude of applications. Whether you’re fixing carpets at home, securing items in your retail space, or tackling demanding industrial tasks, our tape delivers unparalleled performance.



Product Features

  • Versatile Sizes: Available in widths ranging from 10mm to 60mm and a convenient length of 10m, perfect for various project sizes.
  • Superior Material: Crafted with a cloth base and robust glue, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Optimal Thickness: With a single layer thickness of 0.35mm, it provides a strong bond without adding bulk.
  • Temperature Resistance: Performs excellently at normal temperatures, suitable for a range of environments.
  • Certified Quality: CE certified, guaranteeing high standards and safety.



Why Choose Our Mesh Tape?

Our Double-Sided Adhesive Mesh Tape is more than just a tape; it’s a testament to the fusion of high viscosity and high toughness. Its moisture-proof design makes it ideal for use in varying conditions. The tape’s mesh structure enhances its tensile strength, ensuring a firm grip even on rough surfaces. Its translucency and waterproof features add to its versatility, making it a must-have in your toolkit. From securing carpets without leaving a trace to providing a shockproof adhesion in industrial settings, this tape excels in both household and professional domains. Its strong adhesion properties make it ideal for environments where standard tapes falter.



Customer Assurance

We understand the importance of precision. Please note that there may be slight variations in size due to manual measurement. Color representation may vary based on display settings. For bulk purchases and detailed inquiries, our customer service is at your disposal. Happy shopping! Why wait? Upgrade to the Ultra Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Mesh Tape today and experience the perfect blend of strength, versatility, and reliability. It’s not just a tape; it’s your partner in making every project a success. Order now and secure everything, anywhere!

51 reviews for Ultra Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Mesh Tape

  1. Katie Murphy

    The adhesion is too weak

  2. Nicholas Evans

    Works perfectly

  3. Michelle Parker

    Sticky on both sides! Who would have thought

  4. Zachary Campbell

    The adhesive is very sticky. Everything I have used it one has stayed put. It is also easy to remove once done using.

  5. Melissa Phillips

    The adhesive is very sticky. Everything I have used it one has stayed put. It is also easy to remove once done using.

  6. Benjamin Turner


  7. Victoria Sanchez

    Not sure how I can write a review on the mounting tape. Simply it works, it’s good adhesion and that’s it.

  8. Jacob Perez

    I recommend the product, I have already tested it and it is excellent, I have to reorder this product, I loved it

  9. Rebecca Carter

    It does not have great hold

  10. Aaron Roberts

    Great strength for the size

  11. Brittany Green

    I’m very satisfied

  12. Tyler Hill

    This tape is good for a lot of house work

  13. Eric Anderson

    Really good quality

  14. Kimberly Wright

    Best two sided tape I have ever found.

  15. Nathan Lopez

    I think it will work for what I want it, although it is thinner than I thought.

  16. Christina Baker

    Is very good

  17. Ryan Adams

    I haven’t tried yet but it looks great

  18. Heather Nelson

    I’m pleased with this product. It works fine.

  19. Justin Hall

    Very, very good

  20. Emily Young

    easy to use, & useful product

  21. Kevin Scott

    Double sided tape that really holds both personalities together.

  22. Samantha King

    I like it, I will buy it again, it is worth recommending.

  23. Joseph Walker

    Firm hold but also easy to remove when you want it wash the rug/ mat

  24. Michelle Lewis

    I have received the item. I checked the product: there was no problem with the product. Very happy with the purchase

  25. James Rodriguez

    I used this tape to hold my rugs down. Works perfect. Very easy to pull up from the floor.

  26. Nicole Clark

    Very good but does not stick to the wall

  27. Shannon Rodriguez

    Maybe I just ordered wrong but this stuff is really thin

  28. Brian Anderson

    I have not tried to remove it yet, but the adhesion is very good.

  29. Stephanie Gonzalez

    This is an above average double sided tape will bond to almost anything

  30. Andrew Lee

    The order came quickly. The material is excellent. Easy to use and effective.

  31. Ashley Ramirez

    The double-sided tape works well, and the adhesion is good. It gets the job done and holds very well. Highly recommended.

  32. Jennifer Thompson

    I used it for Table cloths and poster boards. Worked well.

  33. Joshua Garcia

    This double sided tape was easy to use. Used it to apply posters to foam board. Easy to rip no scissors needed.

  34. Elizabeth Martin

    A bit difficult to cut but I really like it’s sticking power!

  35. Matthew Harris

    Excellent tape a very strong and resistant glue

  36. Michael Johnson

    I love making stickers with these, but the occasion like some of the stuff doesn’t stick to it like glass or stuff but it’s really good I like it would buy again recommend.

  37. Angela White

    Like the reviews I read…hard to get the tape off to apply it. But my rugs do not move! Was constantly sliding them back in place and now they stay where they are. Good find!

  38. Kelly Stewart

    Seems to stick pretty well. I just wish it was just a bit wider but that’s my preference. It does do what it advertises.

  39. William Jackson

    I’ve been using this as a way to create collages in my art classes, and it works really well. non complaints here. good adhesive and bond, would recommend to others.

  40. Amy Moore

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve ordered heavy duty double sided tape before, but it’s usually pretty thick. This is not. It’s super thin, and extremely sticky.

  41. Robert Thomas

    We used this tape for a picture board at a wedding, and also to tac down the isle runner. It worked great. I did have to work at getting the tape off the cement floor when removing the isle runner. But overall very happy with the product.

  42. Alexander Collins

    This tape is exactly what I needed. I like that it’s thin and doesn’t add bulk. It is so sticky. Pretty much whatever you use it on will stay on. I have so many uses for this stuff and I’m completely happy with it.

  43. Megan Jones

    If found this thinner double sided tape easy to remove from the roll and easy to remove the backing. It is very sticky on both sides and held well.

  44. John Wilson

    I bought this to tape posterboard over carpet. I was laying vinyl plank over the carpet and did not want to damage the carpet. It worked really well. It is not waterproof though.

  45. Laura Brown

    I am using for soundproofing so I don’t need to remove this. I tape the proofing to cardboard so I don’t damage the walls! Works well for that!

  46. Daniel Hernandez

    Easy to use, customizable portions, good adhesion, useful for many applications; I used it to hold the rug to the floor, to keep a hanging frame from tilting, to keep plastic tarp from moving while painting, and I can see many other uses…

  47. Jessica Taylor

    Loved how strong the bond is on this tape, used it on a Mohawk Aer-O carpet and it worked flawlessly.

  48. David Smith

    I use this to put plastic on my windows. It worked great. I did clean the area with alcohol before I applied. In my experience, it works wonders when u do that. I also applied it where my cat kept scratching my wall and she hasn’t been back.

  49. Sarah Miller

    I purchased this for an experiment with some of my woodworking projects where I need to affix wood to a surface for cutting jigs and templates but could not damage the workpiece. This tape works beautifully! It’s very tacky. My workpiece didn’t budge at all and when removing, it leaves very little to no residue. Any left is easily sanded off. If you need a non-invasive way to affix woodworking projects to surface without the need for clamps and drilling, this is a great solution and it’s rather affordable. A little goes a long ways. Definitely a permanent addition to my shop.

  50. Christopher Martinez

    Very good tape. can recommend! it is not really translucent as there are strings within it, to make it stronger. but I don’t care much. as I bought it to stick my leather mousepad to the table

  51. Emily Davis

    I wanted a double sided tape that was durable enough to hold cardboard together and this fit the bill perfectly. I used this to hold together cardstock paper that we made in to cones to hold flower petals for a weddding and this tape delivered. It was easy to cut and apply as we needed it and with the right amount of tape these held up well even with rain and humidity. It is not easy to remove but that’s what you want right! Something that holds really well! But the backing of the two sided tape was relatively easy to remove. If you took off too much of the backing sometimes it would fold on itself and then be a reject and have to cut another piece.

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