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When is National Tattoo Day & How to Save the Date for Ink

Tattoos are far from just a modern fad – these enduring works of art have been etched into our human story for thousands of years. From Ancient Egypt to Polynesian islands, tattoos have long held deep cultural significance. Today, tattoos are more wildly popular than ever as a way for people from all walks of life to express themselves.

With tattoos now mainstream, it’s no surprise we have a holiday dedicated to celebrating this art form: National Tattoo Day. But when is National Tattoo Day exactly?

In this post, we’ll dive into the meaning and origins behind National Tattoo Day. You’ll discover when it’s celebrated, how people mark the occasion, and why this holiday matters for shaping views on tattoos in society. We’ll also give some fun ideas for how you can join in the National Tattoo Day festivities.

So read on to get the full story behind this ink-redible holiday!

Understanding the Culture Behind Tattoos

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When is National Tattoo Day?

The origins of National Tattoo Day are a bit mysterious, but it’s believed to have first started being celebrated around 2007 or 2008. Some credit tattoo shops and companies promote the day for commercial purposes. Others link it to tattoo enthusiast Mindy Collier, who highlighted July 17 in her tattoo trivia calendar in the 1990s.

July 17 was chosen as National Tattoo Day because it coincides with a landmark event in tattoo history. On that day in 1891, Samuel O’Reilly received the first patent on an electric tattoo machine in the United States. This revolutionized tattooing!

So there you have it – July 17 is designated as the official National Tattoo Day! Every year on this date, the inked community and tattoo lovers worldwide join together to celebrate this art form we love. When is National Tattoo Day? Circle July 17 on your calendar so you don’t miss it!

Why National Tattoo Day Matters

National Tattoo Day holds significance because it’s a chance to honor tattoo artistry and culture. The day promotes appreciation for the creativity and skills of talented tattoo artists.

The holiday also encourages the acceptance of tattoos in society. The vibrant tattoo community includes people across ages, gender, race, sexual orientation, and interests who share a love for ink. By bringing diverse tattoo lovers together, National Tattoo Day helps tackle outdated stereotypes.

This day spreads awareness of the long, meaningful history of tattoos in various cultures worldwide. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how tattoos have served different purposes over the centuries while remaining an impactful form of self-expression.

How is National Tattoo Day Celebrated?

When National Tattoo Day arrives each year on July 17th, the celebrations span the globe both online and in local communities. From conventions to gallery exhibitions, the festivities showcase the art, culture, and community around tattoos.

Tattoo Conventions

In major cities across the US, Europe, Australia, and beyond, massive tattoo conventions take over convention centers for the weekend. At these lively gatherings, hundreds of tattoo artists come to showcase their work while live tattooing and competitions occur. Fans mingle with top artists and get the inside scoop on new styles and trends. The energy is electric at these massive ink parties.

Tattoo Exhibitions

Tattoo art also gets Recognition through museum and gallery exhibitions focused around National Tattoo Day. Some displays highlight famous tattoo artists and their craft. Others showcase photographic works capturing meaningful tattoos and their stories. These exhibitions educate the public on tattoo culture and history.

Community Gatherings and Sharing Tattoo Stories

On a local level, tattoo enthusiasts in cities worldwide gather at bars, restaurants, and tattoo shops to mark the occasion. Veterans unite to share stories of military tattoo traditions. Inked friends reconnect over food and drinks and reminisce about tattoos they’ve gotten together.

Special Promotions in Tattoo Studios

Tattoo shops often host open houses and parties, welcoming the community into their parlors for games, music, free swag, and even discounted flash tattoos. It’s a lively day of appreciation for their loyal clients.

Social media brings virtual connections to the celebrations. On National Tattoo Day hashtags like #NationalTattooDay start trending globally. Artists and shops promote their work while tattoo lovers flaunt their ink. The buzz online reflects the universal passion for tattoos.

Celebrating National Tattoo Day on Social Media

Social media provides the perfect platform for tattoo lovers worldwide to join together in celebrating National Tattoo Day. Now we all know the answer to the question “When is National Tattoo Day?”. On July 17th, hashtags like #NationalTattooDay start trending globally across sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

People proudly post photos of their meaningful tattoos or show off their fresh ink using the hashtag #NationalTattooDay. Tattoo shops share promotions. Artists display their designs. Tattoo enthusiasts trade stories in the comments. With hundreds of millions of tattoo posts online, it’s clear National Tattoo Day has brought tattoo culture into the mainstream.

The hashtag #NationalTattooDay connects the worldwide inked community, allowing people to share their body art regardless of location. Social media provides the ideal place for tattoo fans to unite on this commemorative day.

How to Participate in National Tattoo Day

When is National Tattoo Day celebrated? It’s on July 17th every year! If you want to join in the ink-credible fun, here are some ways to participate:

  • Get a new tattoo – Many celebrate the day by getting meaningful new ink. Consult local shops to see if they have any National Tattoo Day flash specials or events.
  • Share your story on social media – Post a photo of your most meaningful tattoo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #NationalTattooDay. Share the inspiration behind it.
  • Attend a convention – Check convention listings to see if any tattoo conventions or exhibitions are happening in your area to take part in the action.
  • Visit local studios – Show support for talented artists in your neighborhood by stopping into a local shop to admire artwork or get a small piece.
  • Learn tattoo history – Read up about the heritage of tattoos in various cultures worldwide to deepen your knowledge and appreciation.
  • Post a photo of your inked idol – Share a photo of a tattoo artist you admire, like a portrait they inked or a picture of their own tattoos.

Even if you don’t have tattoos, you can still engage online by using the #NationalTattooDay hashtag to share tattoo art you love or learn more about tattoo culture. However, if you take part, use National Tattoo Day to show your support for body art!

The Impact of National Tattoo Day: Shaping Perceptions

We wonder “When is National Tattoo Day?”, but we might forget to ask about the impact of this incredible day. It plays an important role in shaping societal perceptions and acceptance of tattoos. By celebrating the art, culture, and community surrounding tattoos, this holiday promotes a more positive image.

In the past, tattoos were associated with counterculture and outsider groups. However, we can see how acceptance is also growing in workplaces. It can be said that visible tattoos are more acceptable today compared to 5 years ago.

when is national tattoo day
Artists contributing to shaping conceptions of National Tattoo Day

Pop culture has contributed to tattoos becoming mainstream. Celebrities like LeBron James, Lady Gaga, Zoe Kravitz, and Post Malone proudly show off their ink. On reality shows like “Ink Master” and “Black Ink Crew,” millions tune in to see talented artists create incredible designs. Even Disney got in on the trend with its animated movie “Moana” depicting the tradition of Polynesian tattoos.

By exposing more people to the artistry of tattoos, National Tattoo Day is helping drive greater acceptance. As tattoos continue to gain popularity worldwide, old stigmas fade. Just as importantly, personal stories behind tattoos are being heard more. National Tattoo Day provides a platform where people can share the inspirations and meanings behind their body art.


National Tattoo Day on July 17th is clearly an important date for ink lovers across the globe! This annual celebration elevates tattoo artistry, brings together diverse communities, and promotes self-expression.

When is National Tattoo Day? Mark those calendars for July 17th to join in the festivities. Take part by getting a new meaningful tattoo, attending a local event, or sharing your own special ink on social media.

Beyond the celebrations, National Tattoo Day spreads appreciation for the heritage of tattoos worldwide. It highlights how tattoos give us an outlet to proudly display our beliefs, loves, losses, and memories.

How do you plan to celebrate National Tattoo Day this year? Which of your tattoos is most meaningful to you? Share your tattoo plans and stories below!

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