New 6 Inch Mini Electric Chain Saw

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New 6 Inch Mini Electric Chain Saw $107.69 Original price was: $107.69.$82.99Current price is: $82.99.

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Introducing the Ultra-Efficient Mini Chainsaw: Your Perfect Garden Companion

Revolutionary Tool for Modern Landscaping: This battery-powered garden pruner combines innovative design with unmatched functionality, making it an essential tool for any landscaping enthusiast.

Ergonomic Design for Effortless Use: Experience the perfect blend of comfort and control with its lightweight, compact frame featuring rubber grips. This design minimizes wrist torsion, allowing for prolonged use without fatigue. An intuitive LED light display keeps you informed about the charge level and operational status, ensuring your work is uninterrupted.

Advanced Mini Chainsaw Features:

Upgraded Performance: Engineered in the USA, this chainsaw boasts a sleek, cool appearance. We’ve listened to user feedback and have significantly upgraded the motor and electronic control systems to address common issues like overheating, power deficiency, and battery life, all while offering an incredible price reduction.

Portable and Powerful: The 6-inch, 1.8Lbs chainsaw is compact yet robust, capable of cutting through 6-inch wood with ease. Its quiet operation, low vibration, and one-hand usability make it especially user-friendly for women and the elderly.

High-Power, Efficient Cutting: Equipped with a high-power pure copper motor, this electric chainsaw delivers a speed of 39.5ft/s and a 600W output, swiftly cutting through 4-inch logs in just 5 seconds. Its strong torque effortlessly handles tough woods like maple.

Safety as a Priority: Your safety is our top concern. This cordless chainsaw features a triple safety mechanism: a security lock to prevent accidental activation, a blade guard for added protection, and a handle guard that separates your hand from the chain, ensuring complete safety during use.

Long-Lasting Battery and Exceptional Package: The Mini Chainsaw comes with a 21V rechargeable battery, providing 30-45 minutes of consistent performance on a single charge. This comprehensive set includes the chainsaw, battery, and charger, making it ready to tackle various landscaping tasks right out of the box.

Elevate your gardening game with the Mini Chainsaw – a compact powerhouse designed to make your outdoor work easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

5 reviews for New 6 Inch Mini Electric Chain Saw

  1. Sharon Cooke

    I found this chainsaw to be really easy to use and had great power for its size and weight. Very easy to hold and not that heavy. I used it for trimming up trees and break up big branches in my yard. Had no issues cutting thru smaller tree branches but it did take a bit longer for branches over 2in in diameter which I expected. Batter life was also pretty good and didn’t take too long to charge.

  2. Kevin Fodi

    I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the power and battery life of this 6 inch saw! It cuts and cuts and cuts!! I’m able to cut 6 inch and even larger trees, and not just Pine trees cut’s Oak trees too! Would highly recommend !

  3. Kim Smith

    Cut down a couple of 4 cedar trees and it worked perfectly. Took about 15 seconds for each one. Trimmed the branches on other trees. Worked about 2 hours and the battery was still operating. Excellent purchase. Highly recommend.

  4. Gayle Crosetti

    I loved how easy this chainsaw is to use. It cut through jobs that used to take me four or five times as long. The only improvement that could be made is the button you push to unlock the mechanism is uncomfortably far from the “trigger” if you have small hands. It’s probably a safety feature but it’s forces the use of two hands.

  5. Sarah Grant

    Ordered one for my Dad for Christmas, he likes it so much I got another for myself! The company has top notch customer service also. Dad and I are both happy with this handheld saw, it works great!

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